New Runtz BX2 Menu Offers Gourmet Candy Shop Flavors You Can’t Live Without

Our 8th menu of 2022 is our Sugar Titz menu. This menu is going to be one for the terpene lovers that like a profile of sweet candy with a powerful effect. Sugar Titz is a Runtz BX2 = Runtz x Runtz x Runtz x Strawberries N Cream F2. It is the world’s first Runtz BX2 which we have bred to Runtz again to make a Runtz BX3; a standout strain from this menu for sure. We have been growing a female Sugar Titz for many cycles now and really like the flavor and effect it provides. It has more of an uplifting energetic feel with a flavor that is uniquely sweet, resembling a sour grape Now-and-Later.

Sugar Titz Menu

Our 8th menu of 2022 is our Sugar Titz menu: sweet yet strong

The strains we are crossing to the Sugar Titz male include:

*These strains will only be available in the Box Set.

The Stud

Our selected stud for this menu stood out with his incredible smell; he gave off notes of sweet candy. He grew nice and tall and had the same viney branches as the Runtz mother. By selecting a male that resembles the mother plant, we are able to lock in the characteristics that we already know are stable and favored. This allows us to create strong, worked lines that progress the original mother.

Strains We’re Excited For

When selecting mothers to cross to our selected male for any menu, we decide on genetics that will complement the father as well as create new genetic combinations and improved cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Because we’ve been growing several of our mothers for well over a decade, we know them well. As we grow out our seeds each time, we learn valuable information about how the offspring grows, from how the seeds germ to what characteristics they pull, to what mothers dominate a cross and what fathers dominate a cross. Each time we put up a new menu, we can precisely select mothers and fathers based on the knowledge we’ve accumulated to create strains that really push the mold, add something new, or preserve the traits we have come to know and love.

Sugar Titz x Sugar Titz

Sugar Titz x Sugar Titz will be a stand out strain from this menu

For this menu, the strains we’re most excited for are:

  • Runtz x Sugar Titz
  • Sugar Titz x Sugar Titz
  • Cherry Pie x Sugar Titz
  • Peanut Butter Breath x Sugar Titz
  • Blueberry Parfait x Sugar Titz
  • Tahoe Cure x Sugar Titz
  • Sunset Sherbet x Sugar Titz
While all of the crosses will produce exceptional phenos, the above crosses are expected to produce super sweet yet potent varieties that are sure to be crowd pleasers as their terpene profiles will be unlike most on the market today and will be a standout in any circle.

PBB x Sugar Titz Fire D x Sugar Titz

Peanut Butter Breath x Sugar Titz (left); Fire D x Sugar Titz (right)

Welcome To The Candy Shop

This menu is expected to drop on Halloween. There will be Terpscription box sets available, which comes with a pack of every strain on the menu, plus 3 shirts with custom artwork from this menu and stickers as well. We proudly present a new menu with fresh candy shop flavors that you won’t want to live without.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.