Lemonade = Lemon Tree or Lemon Diesel

Lemonade was gifted to us by Berner in 2016 and is the official Lemonade. Having personally grown the Lemon Diesel almost a decade earlier directly from the breeder, I'm gonna say they all seem to be the same cut.

Lemonade is one of the most flavorful strains on earth and helped bring 808 Genetics our 1st award with the cultivation skills of Hawaii’s very own Gold Leaf Gardens. 808 Genetics' Kanaka Kush (Lemonade x Crippy x Haole Boy) won best pre roll in Washington in 2020. The lemon flavor is undeniable, and for citrus lovers, a must-have in the garden.

Kanaka Kush

The award-winning Kanaka Kush | Photo: @goldleafgardens420

Quick Facts

Hours of Relief: 3+ hours
Effects: Strong, relaxing
Good For: Anxiety, pain relief, PTSD, relaxation, insomnia, depression, appetite stimulation
Flower Characteristics: Lemonade terps on terps
Plant Characteristics: Slow to moderate veg, tight internode spacing, moderate bract to leaf ratio, moderately yielding
Best For: Indoor or greenhouse
Flowering Time: 9+ weeks

808 Creations

  • Lemon Force = Lemonade x Sunset Sherbet BX
  • Lemon Lipz = Lemonade x Runtz BX2
  • Lemon Peelz = Lemonade x Lemon Macarons
  • Phenomenal = Lemonade x Crippy Kush
  • Dirty Lemonade = Lemonade x GMO BX3
  • Lemon Butter Breath = Lemonade x Peanut Butter Jelly Breath
  • Sunset Lemonade = Lemonade x Sunset Sherberry
  • Funky Lime Papaya = Lemonade x GMO Papaya
  • Lemon Macarons = Lemonade x Animal Cookies IX
  • Kanaka Punch = Lemonade x Cherry Cupcake
  • Lemon Cherry Cake = Lemonade x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • Kanaka Kush = Lemonade x Crippy x Haole Boy
  • Lightning Lemonade = Lemonade x Heirloom Purple Thai