808 Genetics Membership

Cost: $500 donation per year. Exclusive membership Benefits:

Access to selfed (s1) bird seed

  • Crippy S1 Expected to drop 9/9/19
  • OGKB S1
  • Haole Girl S1
  • and more

20% reduction on all future donations*

  • *While being a current 808 Genetics member.

Access to exclusive seeds not on our menu

  • Cyclops F2
  • Kauai Electrics F2
  • Duck Foot IBL
  • and more

1st 20 members will receive a Kauai Mix Plate

  • 2 packs Kauai Pie (20 premium bird seed)
  • 2 packs White Thaiger (20 premium bird seed)
  • 1 pack *Thaiscream (10 premium bird seed)
  • *will only be available to 1st 20 members
  • 1 limited 1st edition 808 Genetics hat

Every 808 Genetics Member

  • 5 packs of bird seed containing 10 premium bird seed off current menu*. (Can use towards future drops if you choose)
  • *Excludes 1st 20 members
  • 808 Genetics wood membership card
  • 808 Genetics guarantee. 100% satisfaction or we replace your seeds.
This is an amazing value. Get your lightnin' in a bottle!

Membership Donation


Note: Please include your name, address, email, and seed choice with donations in an email to Email Us.

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2020 Subscription / Membership

Starting in 2020, we will no longer be offering our birds seed without a subscription / membership. We will be offering a 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month subscription along with our 12 month full benefits membership. The reason for doing this is that we want our seeds to stay at a fair price while guaranteeing the authenticity by only allowing people to access them through 808 directly.

  • 1 month subscription: $100 donation, 10 seeds, 5% discount on all donations during subscription
  • 3 month subscription: $200 donation, 20 seeds, 10% discount on all donations during subscription
  • 6 month subscription: $300 donation, 30 seeds, 15% discount on all donations during subscription
  • 12 months official membership: $500 donation, 50 seeds, 20% discount on all donations during subscription along with exclusive bird seed menu

Reward System

When you support 808 Genetics, we keep track of our biggest supporters on our Supporters page!

Donations Made Per Year

  • $1,000 Silver: 2 packs of choice depending on menu
  • $2,500 Gold: 4 packs of choice depending on menu + Koa wood rolling tray (Koa tray valued at $500)
  • $5,000 Platinum: 6 packs of choice depending on menu + Koa wood rolling tray + 1st edition @real.mrs.supa cannabis handbook, signed (1st edition signed book valued at $500)
*You can only claim one of these items. We tally these up as it's time for each member to renew, or for non-members, once 12 months have passed from 1st donation.

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