Collectible Hawaii Souvenirs

Criptonite: The Making Of World-Class Genetics

We're excited to announce our newest menu: Criptonite. Arguably the best menu we've created to date, our Criptonite crosses will raise the bar for all things OG.

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808 Genetics Featured In Skunk Magazine

We recently had the pleasure of meeting and sitting down with SKUNK Magazine author Evan Kahn for an interview from which he wrote a 2-page article introducing 808 Genetics to their readers.

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808 Genetics' Favorite Strains Of All Time

Over the years, we’ve tried and grown a lot of different cannabis varieties. If you asked us what our favorite strain of all time was, we’d have a hard time answering that. With thousands of strains to consider, each one serving a different purpose and providing a different effect, it’s difficult to settle on just one. But there are certain varieties that always seem to keep us coming back for more.

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Out Of Stock Souvenirs

We make several strains each year, and most of them are a one time creation; they will never be made again. Here are the souvenirs from 808 Genetics that quickly went out of stock.

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808 Genetics Connoisseur Line

Terpene lovers rejoice.

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