What Is The 808 Genetics Golden Souvenir?

Each year we do a giveaway for all of our supporters for the chance to win an exclusive strain that nobody else has. We think of it as a way to thank the community for all of their continued support. What’s more exciting than having a strain unique to your garden?

Golden Souvenir

The Golden Souvenir is an exclusive strain that nobody else has! Art by @420air

What Does A Golden Souvenir Look Like?

We individually box the Golden Souvenir, so it comes separately with no other pack included in the box. In the future, it will also say “Golden Souvenir” on the label that lists the genetic lineage of the strain. The jar inside the box will contain an exclusive, unreleased strain.

Previous Golden Souvenirs include:

  • 2019: Cereal Cake = Z x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • 2020: Unreleased
  • 2021: Circus Cookies F2 = Circus Cookies x Circus Cookies
We love creating new strains and greatly appreciate the community’s support towards 808 Genetics. A lot of love is put into each and every strain we create and we love being able to give back to those that so kindly support what we do.

How To Enter

To be entered to win a Golden Souvenir, all you have to do is donate for any pack of our gear throughout the year. The winner is randomly selected and typically receives the Golden Souvenir toward the end of the year. To all of you hoping to find a Golden Souvenir, good luck!