World’s First Runtz BX2 Comes To The Cannabis Market In 2021

Our most recent creations to drop are from our Candy Machine menu. Candy Machine, the first Runtz BX, was created by crossing Runtz to Strawberries and Cream F2 and then backcrossing it to Runtz. This was done in a collaborative effort with Raw Genetics. We then took Candy Machine and backcrossed it for the second time to Runtz to make the world’s first Runtz BX2. Our selected male had really nice structure, very similar to the original Runtz, great lateral branching, providing many tops without being topped, with close to a 50/50 Sativa/Indica appearance in growth characteristics, great resin content, and smelled like a candy shop.

Sherb N Runtz Rainbow Ropez

Sherb N Runtz (left) and Rainbow Ropez (right) will impress cannabis connoisseurs and collectors looking for that special flavor | Art by @420air

Crosses include:

  • Animal Machine = Animal Cookies x Candy Machine
  • Cake N Runtz = Wedding Cake x Candy Machine
  • Funk Machine = GMO Papaya x Candy Machine
  • Garlic Brittle = GMO x Candy Machine
  • Gasoline Candy = Cherry Gasoline #11 x Candy Machine
  • Gasoline Machine = Cherry Gasoline #77 x Candy Machine
  • Kauai Candy = Kauai Electric x Candy Machine
  • Octane = Crippy x Candy Machine
  • Rainbow Ropez = Cherry Pie x Candy Machine
  • Sherb N Runtz = Sunset Sherbet x Candy Machine
  • Star Candy = Star Girl x Candy Machine
  • Sugar Titz = Runtz x Candy Machine

Stand Out Strains

The standout cross is the Sugar Titz = Runtz x Candy Machine as this is the first Runtz BX2 to hit the market. With the male being the Runtz BX, phenos will have added bottom-of-the-cereal-bag, fruity and creamy sweetness with a hint of lemongrass and a calming and mellow effect. All of the crosses, however, will be special. The Octane = Crippy x Candy Machine has great potential and will be another standout strain as well; we will be looking for a Crippy dominant pheno with that sweet candy terpene profile.

Kauai Candy Octane

Kauai Candy | Photo by: @420sherpa (left), Octane | Photo by: @dirty630grow (right)

When compared to the potency of our other strains, we consider Runtz to be more of a daily driver, providing a relaxing effect, but not heavily sedative, great for daytime, or anytime. With Runtz having an undeniable lip-smacking candy flavor, these crosses are sure to be crowd pleasers. They are great to bring to gatherings as they are strains that allow you to function and get things done. Medicinal benefits include anxiety relief, improved depression, and appetite stimulation as well as creativity enhancer.

How To Order

With the award-winning strain Z in its genetic lineage, we’re excited to see all of the phenos that come from this line. This menu will drop the second week of November 2021. There will be Terpscription box sets available for this menu, which will come with most of the crosses and shirts. To place an order, or if you have any questions, please contact us.