Cherry Pie

(Urkle) x (F1 x Durban Poison)) = Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is a Bay Area strain created by Jigga and PieGuy.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is known for its great taste, aroma, and beautiful colors

Why Is It Called Cherry Pie?

Named for its sweet cherry aroma, Cherry Pie is a connoisseur's favorite. High flavor and potent cut while still being a decent yielding plant of dark purple and lime green flowers.

Cherry Pie

Organically grown Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

Quick Facts

Hours of Relief: 2.5+ hours
Effects: Moderate strength, Indica
Good For: Anxiety, relaxation, depression
Flower Characteristics: Cherry pie aroma, cherry fuel taste
Plant Characteristics: Medium internode spacing, greasy, beautiful color, prone to mold in high humidity, can herm when stressed but pollen is sterile, moderately yielding
Best For: Indoor
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

808 Creations

  • Jogan Fruit Pie = (Cherry Pie x Sunset Sherbet BX)
  • Cherry Titz = (Cherry Pie x Runtz BX2)
  • Cherry Lemon Gelato = (Cherry Pie x Lemon Macarons)
  • Cherry Roll Ups (Cherry Pie BX4) = (Cherry Pie x Cherry Pie BX3)
  • Dirty Cherries = (Cherry Pie x GMO BX3)
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Pie = (Cherry Pie x Peanut Butter Jelly Breath)
  • Rainbow Ropez = (Cherry Pie x Candy Machine)
  • Crypto Pie = (Cherry Pie x Criptonite)
  • Strawberry Cherry Pie = (Cherry Pie x Strawberry Runtz)
  • Cherry = (Cherry Pie x Sweet Cherry Pie)
  • Sweet Cherry Pie = (Cherry Pie x Cherry Cupcake)
  • Cherry Popper = (Cherry Pie x High School Sweetheart)
  • Pie Cake F2 = (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2) x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • Lemon Cherry Cake = (Lemonade x Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • Cherry Cupcake = (Cherry Pie Bx)
  • Cherry Chiffon = (Cherry Pie x Kauai Mints #77)
  • Kauai Pie = [Cherry Pie x Kauai OG (Crippy x Crippy x Crippy x Kauai Electrics)]