Crippy Original OG Kush

((Hawaiian Webbed Leaf Indica x (Pakistani x Highland Thai)) = Crippy
Extremely potent; can be too strong for some

Crippy has been in our stable for over a decade. This is the original, real deal pre OG Kush clone from 1986. This cut was originally bred and grown on the island of Kauai. Selected from a 500 seed pheno hunt. Rumor has it that it made its way from Hawaii to Florida via surfers in the late 80's. It pre-dates Triangle Kush and often is confused as a slang term for good herb, used in Hawaii as "Da Crip" and in Florida as "Crippy Weed." Some older Hawaiians and Floridians know of this legend, and its correct name.

Crippy OG Kush

The legendary Crippy cut; one of our strongest strains


It was recently announced on the Adam Dunn Show The Origins of OG Kush by Matt "Bubba" Barger that he started his OG Kush from a Crippy bag seed. The debate on whether Crippy, Triangle Kush, Ghost OG, or Florida Kush are the same cuts, or which came first, will continue. I can promise you that the cut 808 Genetics has in the stable is the original gassy herb and has tested up to 7% total terpenes.


Crippy grown in living soil under the Hawaiian sun

The name comes from the effects of this amazing strain. It has a strong initial cerebral effect that will cut through just about any strain, followed by an intense creeper effect that will leave you heavily medicated. This is one of those strains that rivals the potency of concentrates, not in test result numbers, but in effects.

Crippy OG Kush PRE-86

Note: Contains Hawaiian Webbed Leaf Indica AKA Duck Foot

Quick Facts

Hours of Relief: 3.5+ hours
Effects: Extremely strong, Indica
Good For: Anxiety, pain relief, best strain for PTSD, relaxation, insomnia, appetite stimulation
Flower Characteristics: Gas, Gas, and GAS with a light piney and earthy aroma
Plant Characteristics: Moderate veg, high bract to leaf ratio, exotic, viny, thin branches, needs plenty of support, smaller flowers, highest testing OG terpenes, greasy, moderately yielding
Best For: Indoor or greenhouse, experienced growers
Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks, 13 weeks if you're dialed in

808 Creations

  • Crippy Butter = Crippy x Peanut Butter Breath BX
  • Unnamed = Crippy x Kauai Mints
  • Crippy Berries = Crippy x Blueberry Parfait
  • Gas Gulper = Crippy x Sunset Sherbet BX
  • Crippy Runtz = Crippy x Runtz BX2
  • Lemonade Champagne = Crippy x Lemon Macarons
  • Cherry Slaps = Crippy x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Vice Crip = Crippy x Circus Animal Cookies
  • Green Portal = Crippy x Crippy Kush
  • Grease Burger = Crippy x GMO BX3
  • Expecto Patronum = Crippy x Goblet Of Fire
  • Crippy Breath = Crippy x Peanut Butter Jelly Breath
  • Octane = Crippy x Candy Machine
  • Crippy Kush = Crippy x Criptonite
  • Cherry Ripper = Crippy x Sweet Cherry Pie
  • Cherry Gasoline = Crippy x Cherry Cupcake
  • Yessah Blessah = Crippy x High School Sweetheart
  • Crypto Currency = Crippy x Sea Stars
  • Sea Stars = Crippy x Donny Burger
  • Napali Kush = Crippy x (Forum Cookies x Forum Cookies x Blue Power)
  • Crippy S1 = Crippy x Crippy Reverse using STS
  • Da Crip = Crippy x Crippy x Heirloom Purple Thai
  • Pinetrees = Crippy x A.I. Haole Boy
  • Tropical Trip = Crippy x Heirloom Purple Thai
  • Kauai OG = Crippy x (Crippy x Crippy x Kauai Electrics)

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