Forum Girl Scout Cookies

(Florida OG Kush) x (F1 Durban Poison) = Forum Girl Scout Cookies

Forum Cookies was gifted to us in 2012. It's very similar in appearance to Animal Cookies. In veg they are almost impossible to tell apart, but there are differences in bloom. Forum Cookies has slightly larger internode spacing and easily turns color in bloom, expressing dark purple to black hues. The terpene profiles also differ. Forum Cookies has more of a minty aroma, some have even described it as peppery, while Animal has more of a creamy doughy aroma after cure. They both have a moderate veg time and take about 9 weeks to finish their bloom cycle, but one of their best qualities is that they have a high bract to leaf ratio, making trimming a breeze..

Forum Cookies

The Forum cut is more than likely an S1 of the original GSC


There has been much speculation to what the genetic make up of GSC actually is. Based on comments made by Jigga, the creator of GSC, in a High Times article called Inside Girl Scout Cookies, he refers to the F1 as their secret sauce and it having a pissy funk to the flower. This leads me to believe that the F1 = Cat Piss and is probably the reason for GSC mentholated funk and frosty resin rails. Now, this is just a guess at what F1 truly is, and only the Cookie Fam will probably ever know for sure.

Forum Cookies

Forum grown outdoors in the Hawaiian Islands

Forum Girl Scout Cookies is what the majority of medical patients consider true GSC. The name Forum comes from the forums where this cut was originally documented. She grows the most beautiful flowers. They don't get very big, but are extremely dense.

2013 1st Place Hybrid High Times San Francisco Cannabis Cup Winner

This was not the first Cookie flowers to be entered into a Cannabis Cup. It is, however, the very first Girl Scout Cookie to win a Cannabis Cup. The cut held at 808 Genetics has been sourced to DankyDan87, the man responsible for winning the Cup.

Forum Cookies

Quick Facts

Hours of Relief: 3+ hours
Effects: Strong
Good For: Euphoria, creativity, functional pain relief
Flower Characteristics: Fresh ground pepper and cookie dough aroma
Plant Characteristics: Slow to moderate veg, medium internode spacing, high bract to leaf ratio, beautiful color in cooler temperatures, small to moderate yield
Best For: Indoor or greenhouse
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

808 Creations

  • Butterscotch Cookies = Forum Cookies x Peanut Butter Breath BX
  • Hawaiian Malasada (Forum BX2) = Forum Cookies x Kauai Mints
  • Blueberry Mints = Forum Cookies x Blueberry Parfait
  • Perfect Titz = Forum Cookies x Runtz BX2
  • Lemon Sugar Cookies = Forum Cookies x Lemon Macarons
  • Cherry Thin Mints = Forum Cookies x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Supa'z Cookies = Forum Cookies x Circus Animal Cookies
  • Kalaxian Crystals = Forum Cookies x Crippy Kush
  • Black Burger = Forum Cookies x GMO BX3
  • Iridescent = Forum Cookies x Cherry Kush Mints
  • Wingardium Leviosa = Forum Cookies x Goblet Of Fire
  • Nutter Butter Breath = Forum Cookies x Peanut Butter Jelly Breath
  • Maraschino Cookies = Forum Cookies x Sweet Cherry Pie
  • Hawaiian Sweetbread = Forum Cookies x Sunrise Papaya
  • Circus Cookies = Forum Cookies x Animal Cookies IX
  • Hawaiian Sweetheart = Forum Cookies x High School Sweetheart
  • Kulolo = Forum Cookies x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • Smacks = (Forum Cookies x Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake) x (Crippy x Crippy x Crippy x Kauai Electrics)
  • Butter Mochi = Forum Cookies x Garlic Butter
  • Malasada = Forum Cookies x Tropical Trip
  • Kauai Mints (Forum BX) = Forum Cookies x (Forum Cookies x Kauai OG)
  • Waifu = [Forum Cookies x (Crippy x Haole Boy)]
  • Hawaiian Rainbow = Forum Cookies x Kauai OG