31 New Blueberry BX Strains To Elevate Your Cannabis Garden In 2023

As a continued collaboration with Calco Genetics, our last menu of 2022 will be our Blueberry BX menu. We used a Blueberry Parfait = Blueberry x Blueberry Syrup #10 male and crossed it to some special mothers to create a menu unlike any we’ve done to date.

Forum x BBBX Sugar Titz x BBBX

The making of Forum Cookies x Blueberry Parfait (left); Sugar Titz x Blueberry Parfait (right)

Crosses include:

  • Apple Dapple = Apple Fritter x Blueberry Parfait
  • Animal Parfait = Animal Cookies x Blueberry Parfait
  • Blue Baddie = Baddie x Blueberry Parfait
  • Blue Lightning = Circus Cookies x Blueberry Parfait
  • Blue Sunset = Sunset Sherbet x Blueberry Parfait
  • Blue Urkle = Purple Urkle x Blueberry Parfait
  • Blueberry Gasoline = Cherry Gasoline #77 x Blueberry Parfait
  • Blueberry Mints = Forum Cookies x Blueberry Parfait
  • Blueberry Papaya = Papaya x Blueberry Parfait
  • Blueberry Swirl = Blue Sapphire x Blueberry Parfait
  • Cereal Marshmallowz = Runtz x Blueberry Parfait
  • Cherry Berry Pie = Cherry Pie x Blueberry Parfait
  • Cloud Castle = Criptonite #84 x Blueberry Parfait
  • Crippy Berries = Crippy x Blueberry Parfait
  • Electric Blueberry = Kauai Electric x Blueberry Parfait
  • Gelato Parfait = Gelato #33 x Blueberry Parfait
  • Glueberry = GG4 x Blueberry Parfait
  • Granddaddy Blueberry = GDP x Blueberry Parfait
  • Hawaiian Crush = Haole Girl BX x Blueberry Parfait
  • Hawaiian Hash Berries = Hawaiian Hash Plant x Blueberry Parfait
  • High Castle = Crippy Kush x Blueberry Parfait
  • Mama’s Cherries = Cherry Pie BX3 x Blueberry Parfait
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time = Peanut Butter Breath x Blueberry Parfait
  • Royal Racks = Sugar Titz x Blueberry Parfait
  • Smurfberries = Blueberry BX #9 x Blueberry Parfait
  • Unnamed = Purple Monkey Punch x Blueberry Parfait
  • Unnamed = GMO x Blueberry Parfait
  • Unnamed = Peanut Butter Jelly Breath x Blueberry Parfait
  • Unnamed = Z x Blueberry Parfait
  • Unnamed = Kush Mints BX x Blueberry Parfait
  • Unnamed = PMP x (Blueberry x Super Skunk) x Blueberry Parfait

The Selected Male

When hunting the packs of Blueberry Parfait that we got, we found a variety of different phenos. There were some spicy phenos, some earthy phenos, some phenos that didn’t really have the structure we were looking for, and then there were a few that just smelled like sweet blueberries and reminded us of that old-school strain with a nice structure and beautiful color early in bloom. Our favorite phenos terp-wise were the #7, #8, #9, and #10, with the #9 being the most like blueberry.


Blueberry Parfait Male

The male we selected was just like the #9 Blueberry BX female, viney with great color and a heavy blueberry terpene profile. We put him through a rigorous stress test. We let him get rootbound, we started to flower him and then revegged him, and we made sure he was stable with those desirable characteristics we expect from this kind of strain. He passed with flying colors. Our goal was to find the most blueberry dominant plant to lock in that beloved terpene profile and beautiful color.

Double Collab

We are doing a double collaboration with this menu and have crossed the male to two of Heaven and Earth Seed Co.’s females, both with definite blueberry terpene profiles. These strains are heavily worked on the female side, so will provide unique genetics for any garden and will especially please the collector looking for old school phenotype expressions. @da_ricky_show collected many Cannabis Cup winning strains from Amsterdam in the 90s, and over the years, has bred those together to preserve genetics and terpene profiles that we don’t see much anymore these days.

PMP x BB x Skunk x BBBX PMP x BBBX

The making of [Purple Monkey Punch x (Blueberry x Super Skunk)] x BBBX (left); Purple Monkey Punch x BBBX (right)

While we always select mothers that we think will pair nicely with the father, there are always a few strains from each menu that really get us excited. For this menu, those strains are:

  • Cherry Pie x BBBX
  • Sugar Titz x BBBX
  • Papaya x BBBX
  • Sunset Sherbet x BBBX
Royal Racks Royal Racks Letters

Royal Racks = Sugar Titz x Blueberry Parfait

A True Blue Menu

This menu will be extremely limited compared to most of our menus, so if you’re interested in any of these crosses, we recommend securing a pack or several before they go out of stock. This menu is expected to drop just after Christmas, so keep an eye on our souvenir page for exactly when that happens.

To place an order, or if you have any questions, send us an email.