Head Change Seed Co. Collab: Creating One Of A Kind Cannabis Strains In Hawaii

We recently completed our Vanilla Shake menu, and using the same male, we also completed a collaboration with Head Change Seed Co. A brief introduction, Head Change is a Kauai-made company that began growing on the island in 1996 and originally hand selected their genetics from around the world. They were drawn to Cannabis Cup winning strains, using phenos from the winning genetics’ seed stock to work and breed with. As time went on, they began breeding local varieties into those that they sourced from places like Amsterdam to create the unique genetic pool that they have today.

Vanilla Shake logo

We used our Vanilla Shake male in a rare collaboration with Head Change Seed Co. | Art by @420air

Some of our collaborative varieties include:


Mother: 808 Bub x Death
Father: Vanilla Shake

808 Bub = [(8 x Fire x Diesel x Bubba Kush) x (Sour D x Bubble Gum)] x Big Island Death


Mother: Perb #2
Father: Vanilla Shake

Perb = R2 x P. R2 x P. Paki x Chem D x Diesel x Alien POG x Sunset Sherbet


Mother: P.R2 x POG x Sunset Sherbet
Father: Vanilla Shake


Mother: Sage x 808 Bub
Father: Vanilla Shake

[Sage = TH Seeds 1996 x 808 Bub]
808 Bub = [(8 x Fire x Diesel x Bubba Kush) x (Sour D x Bubble Gum)]


Mother: Romulan x Sage x One Love x S.S.H. x Sage x One Love x Sour D x Big Island Widow
Father: Vanilla Shake


Mother: [Sage x Bubba Kush x Thai Indica] x [R2 x P. Paki x Tang x P. Paki x Chem Dog x Diesel x Alien]
Father: Vanilla Shake

*Expect them all to do well both indoor and outdoor.

Mixing The Old With The New

808 Genetics is grateful to be working with cannabis growers and breeders like Head Change Seed Co and appreciate their dedication and effort in preserving the unique varieties from years ago. Between both of our collection of genetics, we’ve created exciting crosses for you to work with, producing varieties that will be unlike anything in your garden. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity!

To secure a pack or for additional information, please send us an email.