World’s 1st Lemonade BX Comes To Market Summer 2022

The seventh menu of 2022 will be our Lemon Macarons menu. Lemon Macarons = Lemonade x Animal Cookies IX. This will be an exciting menu as it’s our first Lemonade menu we’ve ever released. The Lemonade cut we work and breed with was gifted to us by Berner and it lives up to its name; it has a very strong sour citrus aroma and even better flavor. If we had any reason not to put this in our top 10, it’s that it has an extremely slow veg time. To improve upon that, we have bred it to Animal Cookies BX4 (IX) to help it grow faster.

Lemon Macarons

Lemon Macarons at Day 38 of bloom | Photo by: @thegilbertgrower

Crosses include:

  • Cherry Lemon Gelato = Cherry Pie x Lemon Macarons
  • Granddaddy Lemonade = Granddaddy Purple x Lemon Macarons
  • Hawaiian Time = Circus Cookies x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemon Apple Fritter = Apple Fritter x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemon Butter Cookies = Peanut Butter Breath x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemon Cleaner = SFV OG x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemon Garlic Butter = GMO x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemon Kush Mints = Kush Mints x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemon Peelz = Lemonade x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemon Pepper Kush = Master Kush x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemon Sugar Cookies = Forum Cookies x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemonade Champagne = Crippy x Lemon Macarons
  • Lemonchello Gelato = Runtz x Lemon Macarons
  • Luscious Lemons = Sugar Titz #2 x Lemon Macarons
  • Monkey Magic = Purple Monkey Punch x Lemon Macarons
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Macarons = Peanut Butter Jelly Pie x Lemon Macarons
  • Peanut Butter Lemon Breath = Peanut Butter Jelly Breath x Lemon Macarons
  • Prime Time = Crippy Kush x Lemon Macarons
  • Purple Lemons = Purple Urkle x Lemon Macarons
  • Sour Cherry Gelato = Cherry Pie BX3 x Lemon Macarons

The Chosen One

The Lemon Macarons male we selected had a much faster veg time than the original Lemonade mother plant, which is a goal of ours when working the Lemonade line. It has an intense lemon aroma with the stem rub or when you break off fan leaves and smell them. We allowed the male to get big, standing at roughly 8’ tall, to ensure a thorough greenhouse pollination.


The male’s pollen smelled exactly like the Lemonade mother plant

Standout Strains

One cross that’s really getting people excited is the Lemonade BX = Lemonade x Lemon Macarons, which will provide an undeniably sour lip-smacking experience. It is the first Lemonade BX on the market. Since a nice lemon terpene profile will be passed on to all of its offspring, the Crippy, Crippy Kush, and Sugar Titz will also be must-have strains for the collector looking for something special. For us, we look for the most medicinal strains and phenos to keep and work with and this line provides relief with an enjoyable and different terpene profile than we’re used to, making it an obvious choice to not only breed into other lines, but work back into itself to improve upon a few variables we know can be changed and to further lock in that lemony goodness.

Lemon Macarons Menu

The Lemon Macarons menu is our 7th menu of 2022

The Lemonade cut we have has a different citrus terpene profile than any other strain we’ve come across, with a heavy lemon peel/lemon cleaner aroma and the most lemon flavor in the game. Every time we bring a joint of Lemonade to a circle, it immediately grabs everyone’s attention and causes them to savor the flavor and ask, “What strain is that?!”

Savor The Flavor

This menu is dedicated to all the terpene lovers out there, and will also satisfy those that may not like the smell of cannabis or have family members that don’t like the smell of cannabis. A previous Lemonade cross we made, Kanaka Kush, was grown by our friends @goldleafgardens420 and won first place in 2 different categories at a Washington cannabis cup.

We have high expectations for this menu and are really looking forward to growing out the phenos that come from it. This menu will be dropping at the end of August with Terpscription box sets available toward the end of the year. If you’re interested in adding some unique strains to your garden and seed collection, don’t hesitate to contact us.