Green Portal Menu Brings World’s 1st Crippy BX5 To Market

After our Kauai Mints menu, our Green Portal menu will be the second menu of 2023. Green Portal is Crippy x Crippy Kush. We are excited about this menu as Crippy is one of the most popular strains from 808 Genetics. While crosses tend to not make our Top Strains Of The Year list, that is simply due to the fact that Crippy doesn’t produce as many seeds as other strains. Every Crippy cross we make goes out of stock quickly after dropping.

Green Portal Menu

The Green Portal menu is our 2nd menu of 2023

The new Green Portal phenos are shining in the terp department: sweet lemon-lime Pine Sol gas to chemical gas terp profiles on all phenos. This line is a great success for fans of OG. Currently our personal favorite phenos are Green Portal #1 and Green Portal #5 because of their terpene profiles.

Strains on our Green Portal menu include:

  • Anti-Gravity = Baddie x Green Portal
  • Big Gas = Forum Cookies x Green Portal
  • Blue Portal = Blue Sapphire x Green Portal
  • Bob’s Burger = GMO x Green Portal
  • Crippy Cure = Tahoe Cure x Green Portal
  • Fire Gas = Crippy Kush x Green Portal
  • Fire Portal = Fire D x Green Portal
  • Fuel Station = Criptonite #84 x Green Portal
  • Gas Bath = Green Portal #2 x Green Portal
  • Gas Factory = Green Portal #5 x Green Portal
  • Gas Fumes = Green Portal #1 x Green Portal
  • Gas Guru = SFV OG x Green Portal
  • Gas Head = Crippy x Green Portal
  • Gas Junky = Wedding Cake x Green Portal
  • Gas Portal = Green Portal #7 x Green Portal
  • Head Portal = Headband x Green Portal
  • Jelly Portal = Peanut Butter Jelly Breath x Green Portal
  • Master Gas = Master Kush x Green Portal
  • Nitromethane = Green Portal #3 x Green Portal
  • Noxious Gas = Peanut Butter Jelly Pie x Green Portal
  • Papaya Portal = Papaya x Green Portal
  • Peanut Butter Gas = Peanut Butter Breath x Green Portal
  • Pineapple Power = Sugar Titz x Green Portal
  • Portal Pie = Cherry Pie x Green Portal
  • Sour Grape Gas = Grapestomper OG x Green Portal
  • Surfer OG = Triangle Kush x Green Portal
  • Teleporter = Animal Cookies x Green Portal
  • Toxic Gas = GG4 x Green Portal
  • Tree Portal = Kush Mints x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = Cherry Kush Mints x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = Z x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = Apple Fritter x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = Green Portal #4 x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = Haole Girl x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = [PMP x (Blueberry x Super Skunk)] x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = (PMP x Criptonite #1) x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = PMP x Green Portal
  • Unnamed = Cherry Gasoline x Green Portal

The Stud

The Green Portal male was a show stopper; an absolutely beautiful plant. It had great resin production for a male and vibrant colors ranging from lime green to deep purple to almost black on the pollen flowers. It produced many tops without influence from any topping technique and smelled intoxicating with lemon lime and OG Kush terps. Photos don’t do this male justice and we knew he was the right selection right away.

Green Portal Male Green Portal Male

The Green Portal male was a show stopper and we knew he was the right selection right away

Standout Strains

Anything with Crippy in the genetic lineage will be a standout strain from this menu, with the original Crippy being the most exciting as it will create the world’s first Crippy BX5; a heavily worked and thoughtfully selected strain as each generation progresses the desired characteristics while simultaneously preserving the beloved ones. This is accomplished through our experience with the strain and growing and breeding several varieties over the years. As we have made several Crippy menus, we have selected mothers that pair well with it and have been popular in our 808 community.

Green Portal Phenos

We have been growing Crippy for well over a decade and have made several different backcrosses of it. We love to see how the genetics express themselves when crossed to other varieties and we chose to work this line based on what blended the best. We have flowered each generation out a few times now and were excited to see how these turned out.

The Green Portal lineage is:

  • Sea Stars = Crippy x Donny Burger (our most popular strain of 2020)
  • Crypto Currency = Crippy x Sea Stars
  • Criptonite = Crippy x Crypto Currency
  • Crippy Kush = Crippy x Criptonite
  • Green Portal = Crippy x Crippy Kush
Green Portal Pheno #1 Green Portal Pheno #2

Green Portal phenos #1 (left) and #2 (right)

Green Portal Pheno #3 Green Portal Pheno #4

Green Portal phenos #3 (left) and #4 (right)

We have 6 different Green Portal phenos from this menu and are excited about each and every one of them. Many people around the world grew this strain as well and a common characteristic amongst them was how consistent the phenos were, which provides for an even canopy and great light exposure. Fellow growers that came over to view our Green Portal plants in flower were also surprised how similar the plants were in appearance; a result from proper selection and backcrossing.

Green Portal Pheno #5

Pheno #5 was one of our favorites as it had a nice Crippy OG terpene profile

The phenos we grew out had a similar stretch, with #4 and #5 being a little taller than the rest, but not by much. The bud structure was OG Kush-dominant as were the terpenes. They were improved versions of Crippy in the sense that they were hearty strains, not as sensitive to light or water, drank well, and had thicker stems and branches to support the flowers.

Purple Monkey Punch Crosses

For this menu, we have also put out 3 different PMP crosses. These will pair nicely with the Green Portal as the male of PMP is a Crippy BX2 and will offer rare genetic lineages for the collector looking for old-school strains. Purple Monkey Punch continuously proves to be a unique strain with its vibrant pink, purple, and fuschia color patterns that make it stand out in the garden and is easy to grow, making it a must-have for any cannabis collection.

Purple Monkey Punch Purple Monkey Punch

Purple Monkey Punch exhibits vibrant pink, purple, and fuschia colors making it a visually stunning plant

Purple Monkey Punch x Green Portal

We have been breeding with this plant for a while now with 7 previous crosses created and know some special phenos will come from pairing it with the Green Portal.

[Purple Monkey Punch x (Blueberry x Super Skunk)] x Green Portal

This will be the second time we’ve bred with this PMP pheno created in collaboration with the @da_ricky_show. Its terpene profile includes a strong blueberry smell with added skunkiness and gas. It is a vigorous plant with a 3x stretch and does excellent outdoors. Its buds are moderate in size, but it yields well due to how many bud sites it produces.

(Purple Monkey Punch x Criptonite #1) x Green Portal

This is the first time breeding with this cultivar and it surprised both our team and @da_ricky_show with its Kaffir lime terpene profile. It grew very similar to Criptonite; however, it drank a lot of water for a Crippy strain, which comes from the mother side of the PMP lineage. The Crippy mother has a lemon lime terpene profile, but nobody expected to smell such a unique aroma on this plant.

Kauai Mints Pheno #2

This PMP x Criptonite #1 plant smelled like a Keffir lime

Welcome To The Future Of OG

This menu is dropping for 4/20 2023. To place an order, or if you have any questions, please contact us.