GMO BX3 Menu Delivers On Medicinal Potential For Flower & Hash

After the Cherry Kush Mints menu, the 3rd menu of 2022 will be our Guaco menu, which is a GMO BX3. The goal of this menu is to create a GMO BX4 for all the hash lovers, while selecting a male to tighten the internodal spacing, to reduce the flowering time, and improve overall bud structure for growers and flower connoisseurs when it comes to GMO. It was specifically made for hash production with high medicinal value for those suffering from pain, PTSD, cancer, and other severe medical conditions.

808 Genetics Souvenirs

The GMO BX3 menu is our 3rd menu of 2022

Here is the genetic lineage for the father side of the menu:

  • GMO x Larry F8 = Han Solo Burger (bred by @skunkmasterflex)
  • GMO x Han Solo Burger = Donny Burger (GMO BX) (bred by @skunkmasterflex)
  • GMO x Donny Burger = Durrr Burger (GMO BX2) (bred by @808geneticsjb)
  • GMO x Durrr Burger = Guaco (GMO BX3) (bred by @808geneticsjb)
Strains include:

A Special Male

The selected male for this menu was noticeably different from other males due to his leaf structure and pollen sacs. He grew lobster claw pollen sacs that had red tips, which is a rare physical characteristic. His leaves were a bit mutant looking, heavily resembling the webbed leaf of OGKB; a genetic characteristic from the Forum Cookies. (GMO is Chem D x Forum Cookies.) This particular plant didn’t have any of the OGKB issues as far as light sensitivity or slow veg and it drank normally as well, a big plus as water sensitive varieties are easy to overwater. The OGKB influence will tighten the stretch and node spacing. The complexity of the medicinal effects of the bud can be limited to the flowering time and this male will provide a nice 65-70 day flowering time.

808 Genetics Souvenirs 808 Genetics Souvenirs

This male was selected for all of his unique characteristics, including structure, terpene profile, and visual appeal

Another special quality about this male was that he just kept dropping pollen. Typically males will begin to lose their flowers after 3-4 weeks or so of bloom and lose most of them by the time they die. This male held onto his flowers until his life cycle was finished, roughly 6-7 weeks.

Standout Strains

The standout strain from this menu will be the OMG Burger = GMO x GMO BX3, which will be a GMO BX4. Once you backcross a strain to the 4th generation, it becomes known as an incross, or IX, so this cross will be a GMO IX. GMO is a dream for washers, with heavy returns that are potent in both effects and aroma. In anticipation of this male selection, we put out a couple big clone-only GMO females to breed with, which will produce a nice amount of the GMO BX4 seed stock.

808 Genetics Souvenirs

The making of Animal Burger = Animal Cookies x GMO BX3

Our anticipated favorite strains from this menu are Black Burger and Animal Burger because they will create parallel strains, which means you have related parents going back into each other. Purple Monkey Punch will also be a nice genetic combination as well as the Lava Burger and the Sunset Burger.

In addition, we were excited to cross our clone-only Crippy mother to this male as well, which we named the Grease Burger. The Grease Burger will be similar to the Sea Stars (Crippy x Donny Burger), our most popular strain of 2020, but different in the fact that the male was selected from a more worked line.

A Better Burger: Quality You’ll Love

This menu is dropping just in time for 4/20. Don’t miss out on one of the best washing menus created in 2022. To place an order, or if you have any questions, please contact us.