Recreating Wedding Cake: How To Properly Breed A Polyhybrid

Polyhybrids are the most common cannabis variety today. Almost every new variety currently being grown is a polyhybrid; some examples would be Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake, GG4, Sunset Sherbet, Z, etc. A select pheno from a polyhybrid breeding project can give you an amazing phenotype, as seen time and time again, through testing and proper selection. The problem is that there’s such a mish-mash of genetics that stability is compromised, resulting in herm-prone varieties. This can often be caused due to being accidentally bred or on purpose without fully understanding how to properly breed a backcross (BX). While backcrosses are becoming a more common breeding practice, filial breeding (F generation breeding) is not going to result in as consistent of phenos.

For example, Wedding Cake:

  • Triangle Mints #3 aka Wedding Cake = (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints)
  • Animal Mints = (Animal Cookies x Sin Mint Cookies)
  • Sin Mint Cookies = (Forum Cookies x Blue Power)
It’s a great variety, but due to breeding Animal Cookies x Sin Mint Cookies (Forum Cookies x Blue Power), a lot of the phenos you find breeding with this will be unstable. This is partially due to the fact that it’s a polyhybrid cross, but the real issue lies in the simple fact that Animal Cookies and Forum Cookies are related, with Forum Cookies believed to be an S1 of Animal Cookies aka Cookie Fam Girl Scout Cookies. The proper way to make this cross would have been to create either an Animal Cookies BX or Forum Cookies BX before beginning the breeding project.

Again, with this type of breeding, amazing phenos can be found, but instability will be certain when progressing this type of project. That is why 808 Genetics has set out to recreate Wedding Cake as we believe the vision was there, but we can do things to improve it.

Wedding Cake

Sungrown Wedding Cake

What Are We Doing Differently?

We have taken our Forum GSC cup winning cut and crossed it to Sin Mint Cookies (Forum Cookies x Blue Power). This is the proper way to create a Forum Cookies BX (Forum Mints). From this point, we will select the best male to work back into our world renowned Crippy cut.

The goal is to create stable fire.

We chose to use the Crippy over Triangle Kush because we are trying to produce the best medicine possible. Triangle Kush is an amazing plant and has made many amazing crosses. The Crippy is being chosen strictly based on medicinal effects as it yields less than the Triangle.

We made a small batch of Napali Kush, our improved upon Wedding Cake, and they have proven worthy to make a larger batch from our testing. Currently, the larger batch of Napali Kush is set to be done in the near future. These will be extremely limited, 100 packs in total, and perfect to build off of. Please note that even with creating a proper BX of our own, there is still a very small possibility that, if stressed, the resulting polyhybrid could have a chance to herm.

Family Tree and Genetic Contributions

Crippy x Forum GSC x Sin Mint Cookies = Napali Kush

  • Crippy: (Hawaiian Duck Foot x Pakistani x Highland Thai)
  • Forum Cookies: (Florida OG Kush x F1 Durban Poison)
  • Sin Mint Cookies: (Forum Cookies x Blue Power)
  • Blue Power: (Sour Dubble x Master Kush x The White x Blue Moonshine)
  • Sour Dubble: (East Coast Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble)

Breeders include:

  • @bogseeds
  • @sincityseeds
  • @808.genetics

Coming Soon

As this project continues, we will keep you updated on the progress. Stay tuned.