Keep Your Garden Fresh With 26 New Kauai Mints Crosses

Back by popular demand, our Kauai Mints menu will be the first menu of 2023. We originally made this strain in 2019 and it was a favorite amongst the 808 community. Kauai Mints is [Forum Cookies x (Forum Cookies x (Crippy x Crippy x Crippy x Kauai Electric))]. Forum Cookies has been in our stable since 2014 and it is a favorite of ours as it produces frosty and dense flowers with intense purple and black colors, making it a beautiful plant to have in the garden as well as in a jar. It provides a euphoric feel-good effect and sparks inspiration for the creative mind. Add some Crippy and Kauai Electric into the mix and what’s not to love about this strain.

Kauai Mints Male Forum BX Male

The Kauai Mints menu is our 1st menu of 2023

The following crosses will be available:

  • Cereal Cookies = Kauai Mints #2 x Kauai Mints
  • Cherry Malasada = Cherry Pie x Kauai Mints
  • Chocolate Malasada = GG4 x Kauai Mints
  • Coco Mints = Kauai Mints #1 x Kauai Mints
  • Coconut Cream Malasada = Haole Girl BX x Kauai Mints
  • Crypto Chronic = Criptonite #84 x Kauai Mints
  • Guava Cream Cake = Guava Lava #3 x Kauai Mints
  • Guava Kush = Guava Lava #1 x Kauai Mints
  • Guava Jelly Malasada = Guava Lava #17 x Kauai Mints
  • Hawaiian Malasada = Forum Cookies x Kauai Mints
  • Hawaiian Mountain Apple = Apple Fritter x Kauai Mints
  • Hawaiian Vanilla Bean = Haole Girl x Kauai Mints
  • Kauai Gas Co = Crippy x Kauai Mints
  • Kauai Purps = Kush Mints BX x Kauai Mints
  • Lilikoi Bars = Guava Lava #2 x Kauai Mints
  • Malasada Cream Puff = Kush Mints x Kauai Mints
  • Money Tree = Bubba Kush x Kauai Mints
  • Passion Fruit Malasada = Runtz x Kauai Mints
  • Passion Orange Guava Lava = Guava Lava #9 x Kauai Mints
  • Peanut Butter Malasada = Peanut Butter Breath x Kauai Mints
  • Unnamed = SFV OG x Kauai Mints
  • Unnamed = Blue Sapphire x Kauai Mints
  • Unnamed = Wedding Cake x Kauai Mints
  • Unnamed = Sunset Sherbet x Kauai Mints
  • Unnamed = Kauai Electric x Kauai Mints
  • Unnamed = Cherry Pie BX3 x Kauai Mints

Standout Strains

Kauai Mints has been around for a few years and we know it well. It was our #2 most popular strain of 2019. We selected mothers that we think will pair perfectly with it. As always, there will be a few special crosses created. We put a nice Forum Cookies plant out to make a Forum Cookies BX2, a standout strain from this menu.

Kush Mints BX

Our Kush Mints BX was the best smelling plant in the greenhouse – and that’s saying something

We also put out a Kush Mints BX = Kush Mints x Cherry Pie BX2, another impressive genetic lineage created here at 808 Genetics. The terpene profile from this pheno was a showstopper, absolutely unique and potent. We have several local growers that regularly stop by to see our latest projects and everybody that smelled it was noticeably intrigued. It was the best smelling plant in the entire greenhouse. It gave off a grape pie candy kush aroma. It was Kush Mints dominant as far as structure goes and had nice deep color later in bloom. This strain will produce Kush Mints BX x Forum Cookies BX – an exciting strain that will be perfect for the connoisseur looking for a special terpene profile and nice dense buds.

Guava Lava Phenos

We have been hearing great things about our Guava Lava line for a few years now; so great, we decided to grow several more phenos of it ourself to look through. It is Sunset Sherbet x Kauai Mints #77. It grows big buds that are frosty and smell like guava and gas with a nice mintiness. It’s a beautiful strain that we are excited about, which is why we put out 5 different phenos. For the most part, they are all pretty similar, Sherbet dominant, with slight differences in their terpene profiles. The #2 is the most different as it stretched more than the others and stayed nice and green while the others didn’t stretch much and all started changing to a purple color on their flowers during week 5 or so of bloom.

Individual characteristics include:

Guava Kush – Guava Lava Pheno #1

A shorter pheno, this plant had more of a minty gasoline terpene profile. It was giving off guava cream kush terps. It was sherb dominant, as was most of our Guava Lava phenos, with tight node spacing and deep color.

Lilikoi Bars – Guava Lava Pheno #2

The tallest pheno, this plant was noticeably different from the others. It didn’t change color, remaining nice and green, and had more of a Cookie frostiness, density, and structure. It smelled like a pink Starburst. It was the pheno that stretched the most out of all the Guava Lava phenos, getting nice and tall.

Guava Lava Pheno #2

Pheno #2 was the most different Guava Lava plant

Guava Cream Cake – Guava Lava Pheno #3

Another shorter pheno, this plant had a sweet guava cream cake terpene profile. It was beautiful with tight node spacing, deep purple flower tips, and bright orange hairs. It was so close in appearance as far as structure, height, and color to pheno #9.

Guava Lava Pheno #3

This plant had a sweet guava cream cake terpene profile

Passion Orange Guava Lava – Guava Lava Pheno #9

Pheno #9 was strikingly similar to pheno #3, almost identical. They looked like twins, however, not surprisingly had their own unique terpene profiles. This plant had a passion orange guava and vanilla aroma that was not found with pheno #3. It also had tight node spacing and deep color.

Guava Lava Pheno #9

This plant was almost identical in appearance to the #3, but had a passion orange guava and vanilla terpene profile

Guava Jelly Malasada – Guava Lava Pheno #17

Another Sherbet dominant pheno, this pheno didn’t have much stretch to it and remained nice and green throughout flower.

Kauai Mints Phenos

In addition to creating a Forum Cookies BX2, we also put out 2 different Kauai Mints phenos, which will create a Kauai Mints F2. Pheno characteristics include:

Kauai Mints Pheno #1

This pheno was definitely Cookie dominant. It grew a little bit smaller flowers than the original Forum mother and also compared to the other Kauai Mints pheno. It didn’t stretch quite as much and stayed a nice green color. It had that classic mint cookie smell with some gas.

Cereal Cookies – Kauai Mints Pheno #2

This pheno was amazing. We loved it; our favorite Kauai Mints pheno out of the two. The buds were similar to the Forum Cookies mother, being frosty and dense; however, the terpene profile was of fruity cereal sweetness, like a Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles, which was surprising and intoxicating in the best way. It also had a hint of creamy cake terps.

Kauai Mints Pheno #2

Our favorite Kauai Mints pheno, this plant smelled like fruit cereal

A Minty Fresh Menu

This menu is dropping at the end of January 2023. To place an order, or if you have any questions, please contact us.