High School Sweetheart Breeding Project

With our GMO BX project now completed, the next big project we’re doing in 2020 is our High School Sweetheart souvenirs. We were gifted the seeds to start the project by our friend @braddah_blake. After looking through them, we found an amazing male with great structure and a sour cherry candy terpene profile. We couldn’t stop smelling this plant and are extremely excited to see the phenos that come from him.

High School Sweetheart = Cherry Pie Kush x Grateful Breath bred by @GageGreenGroup.

High School Sweetheart male

This male smells like sour cherry candy

What’s The Goal?

The goal of this project is to create highly sought after, complex terpene profiles by crossing the male we found to some of our clone-only varieties that also have unique flavors and aromas.

Some of the souvenirs we will be releasing include:

  • Cherry Popper = Cherry Pie x High School Sweetheart
  • Hawaiian Sweetheart = Forum Cookies x High School Sweetheart
  • Yessah Blessah = Crippy x High School Sweetheart
  • Sunrise Surprise = Sunset Sherbet x High School Sweetheart
  • Erkle = Purple Urkle x High School Sweetheart
  • White Wahine = Haole Girl x High School Sweetheart
  • Snowflake Cake = Wedding Cake x High School Sweetheart
Cherry Popper logo

Cherry Popper will be one of the most popular souvenirs from this project | Art by @420air

Stay Tuned

This project is close to completion; we expect the souvenirs to be ready around June 21st. We have already received tons of interest about this drop, so if you’d like to secure a pack or two, please contact us. The potential these souvenirs contain is next level!