Donny Burger (GMO BX) Breeding Project

One of our most anticipated projects of 2020, we are working the GMO BX, named Donny Burger, which is [GMO x (GMO X Larry F8)] seed stock made by @skunkmasterflex1, and have found a few heavy Chem D male phenos to select from.

GMO = (Chem D x Forum GSC) originally bred by @mamikoseeds.

Donny Burger GMO BX

Donny Burger (GMO BX)

The reason we have decided to work with the GMO, both the original clone and seed stock, is because we believe it’s a special plant and actually prefer it to Chem D or the Chem 91 SKVA clones.

Why? We prefer the structure, vigor, and yield along with the amazing potency improvements over the original Chem genetics. It’s basically an improved Chem from a breeding perspective.

What’s The Goal?

Our goal with the GMO BX line is to create the most potent medicinal varieties possible. Our original Crippy x GMO BX should be nothing short of amazing. We plan to limit these to just members to keep them exclusive, but we will release [Crippy x (Crippy x GMO BX)] to everyone, hopefully, by the end of 2020.

We will be releasing:

  • BOSS = Wedding Cake x GMO BX
  • Burger Juice = GG4 x GMO BX
  • Forum x GMO BX (very excited to see this in-cross)
  • Deluxe = Donny Burger x GMO BX2
  • Durrr Burger = GMO x GMO BX2
  • Goblet Of Fire = Haole Girl x GMO BX
  • Modified Cherry = Cherry Pie x GMO BX2
  • Piece Of Candy = Zkittlez x GMO BX
  • Sherburger = Sunset Sherbet x GMO BX
  • Slurrr Burger = Donny Burger #22 x GMO BX2
  • The Wave = Donny Burger #11 x GMO BX2
  • Triangle Burger = Triangle Kush x GMO BX
Fuel, chem diesel, and skunk are the main attributes we are looking to carry over from the GMO BX male.

Stay Tuned

Follow along on the process as we add updates to the male selection. The vigor and yield will be substantial on all of these new hybrids. We are genuinely appreciative of all the breeders and cannabis-lovers who have kept these heirlooms around to be able to make these types of exciting new creations.