Criptonite: The Making Of World-Class Genetics

Criptonite: The Making Of World-Class Genetics

We’re excited to announce our newest menu: Criptonite. Arguably the best menu we’ve created to date, our Criptonite crosses will raise the bar for all things OG. To make this strain, we took the Crippy and crossed it to the Donny Burger, making Sea Stars. We then made Crippy x Sea Stars and named it Crypto Currency. Finally, we carefully selected the best male pheno with our preferred genetic traits from the Crypto Currency and crossed it back to the Crippy, and just like that, Criptonite was born.

Criptonite Menu

The making of the Criptonite menu

The Criptonite phenos we grew out showed impressive consistency with heavily variegated leaves, expressing true traits from the original Crippy mother plant. The terpene profiles were gassy with a hint of lemon-lime soda and Pinesol.

Criptonite variegated leaves

Variegated leaves were consistently present in all of our Criptonite phenos; a trait from the Crippy mother


Crippy is a legendary strain loved by many, is one of 808 Genetics’ favorite strains of all-time, and is well known for its unique ability to relieve chronic pain as well as effectively treat opioid addiction and withdrawal. It is also used to help with cancer, insomnia, anxiety, appetite stimulation, and more.

We will be releasing a Cripscription for this menu, which includes 14 packs of Criptonite crosses and 3 shirts. Only 75 Cripscriptions will be released. These will be highly collectible as several of the strains will only be available in the box set. To get an idea of what an 808 Genetics’ box set looks like, you can view our Strawberry Runtz Terpsciption box here.

Announced crosses include:

  • Apple Crip = Apple Fritter x Criptonite
  • Archived = Master Kush x Criptonite
  • Blue Criptonite = Blue Sapphire x Criptonite
  • Corn = Criptonite #11 x Criptonite
  • Crippy Cream = Papaya Cream x Criptonite
  • Crippy Kush = Crippy x Criptonite
  • Crip Mints = Kush Mints x Criptonite
  • Crypto = Criptonite #84 x Criptonite
  • Crypto Cake = Wedding Cake x Criptonite
  • Crypto Girl = Haole Girl x Criptonite
  • Crypto Pie = Cherry Pie x Criptonite
  • Ether = Criptonite #2 x Criptonite
  • Fiyah = Criptonite #13 x Criptonite
  • Gas N Glue = GG4 x Criptonite
  • Gas Vein = Triangle Kush x Criptonite
  • Holy Gas = Yessah Blessah x Criptonite
  • Open Sea = Headband x Criptonite
  • Phoenix Tears = Criptonite #86 x Criptonite
  • Pink Criptonite = Sunrise Papaya x Criptonite
  • Purple Criptonite = Purple Urkle x Criptonite
  • Rainbow Criptonite = Z x Criptonite
  • SFV Kush = SFV OG x Criptonite
  • Smashin Fruit = Papaya x Criptonite
  • Supaz = Haole Girl BX x Criptonite
  • Truffle Fries = GMO x Criptonite
Crippy x Criptonite

Crippy Kush = Crippy x Criptonite will be a standout, exclusive strain from this menu

Phenos that come from this line will be created with health in mind. Terpene and cannabinoid profiles will combine to create standout genetic lineages that will be both easier to grow in the garden and more effective at helping relieve some of today’s worst medical conditions. We proudly share Crippy with the world to reintroduce a longtime preferred strain of cannabis connoisseurs from around the globe.

Revival Of The Dank

Get ready for your new favorite strain to hit our menu soon! Flavors won’t last long.

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