Crippy Kush Menu Offers Out Of This World Strains High In Medicinal Value

The 4th menu of 2022 will be our Crippy Kush menu. This menu will be great for pain relief, PTSD, insomnia, and more. Crippy is known as a powerful strain, able to treat opiate addiction, benzo addiction, or to help terminally ill patients reduce the pharmaceuticals they take daily. It’s one of 808 Genetics’ favorite strains of all time and is a cut we take pride in having in our cultivar collection.

Crippy x Crippy Kush

The making of Green Portal = Crippy x Crippy Kush

Crippy Kush Male

The male was special. It kind of feels like we say that a lot, but the males we breed and select are worthy of such a task. And the more we work them, the better they get. This male looked exactly like the Crippy mother, which isn’t very surprising considering how much work has gone into the Crippy Kush, but we love to see the similarities.

What are they? Right off the bat you notice the variegated leaves, which are both “camouflage” colored and grow somewhat mutated where the leaf doesn’t fully form on one side of the finger. The terpene profile was the same kind of gasoline and pinesol with a hint of lemon lime soda.

Crippy Kush variegated leaves Crippy x Criptonite

Our selected Crippy Kush male had the same characteristics as the mother as well as unique ones like “elf shoes”

The other unique characteristic about this male was the shape of the pollen sacs. We called them “elf shoes” as they had a curly tip on each pollen sac, something that isn’t a common occurrence in males – and we search through a lot of males. The main theme for this menu was inspired by Rick and Morty, which is a creative sci-fi adult cartoon that uses clever and trippy verbiage in all of their episodes.

Strains include:

GG4 x Crippy Kush

The making of Dream Interceptor = GG4 x Crippy Kush

Don’t Sleep Or You’ll Miss It

This menu will be dropping on 4/20 and if it goes like our last Crippy menu, Criptonite, it will go fast. There will be Terpscription box sets available for this menu. To secure your packs, please send us an email.