Fast Flowering Cherry Pie BX3 Menu Stands Out With Intense Cherry Flavor & Great Color

Dropping shortly after the Circus Animal menu, the sixth menu of 2022 is our Cherry menu. Cherry aka Cherry Pie BX3 = Cherry Pie x [Cherry Pie (Cherry Pie x (Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2))]. Cherry Pie is one of our most popular strains, has one of the shortest bloom times, and is a strain we have been working heavily over the past several years. Cherry Pie provides a moderate high and yield, and is great for anxiety, relaxation, and depression. It’s perfect for social gatherings as it’s not too strong and has great flavor that allows it to stand out from other flavors being passed around a circle.

Jake and Cherry male

The Cherry Pie BX3 menu is our 6th menu of 2022

Here is the genetic lineage for the father side of the menu:

  • Cherry Chiffon = Cherry Pie x (Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • Cherry Cupcake (Cherry Pie BX) = Cherry Pie x Cherry Chiffon
  • Sweet Cherry Pie (Cherry Pie BX2) = Cherry Pie x Cherry Cupcake
  • Cherry (Cherry Pie BX3) = Cherry Pie x Sweet Cherry Pie
Strains include:

  • Animal Cherries = Animal Cookies x Cherry Pie BX3
  • CherrieZ = Z x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Baddie = Baddie x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Bang Bang = Runtz x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Inferno = Cherry Gasoline #77 x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Butter Cake = Peanut Butter Jelly Breath x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Criptonite = Criptonite #84 x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Pinwheel = Maraschino Cookies x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Roll Ups (Cherry Pie BX4) = Cherry Pie x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Shrooms = GMO x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Slaps = Crippy x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Cherry Thin Mints = Forum Cookies x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Chocolate Cherry Diesel = GG4 x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Hawaiian Cake = Wedding Cake x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Kush Pie = Master Kush x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Peanut Butter Cherry Breath = Peanut Butter Breath x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Real Cherry = Cherry Pie BX3 x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Space Cherries = Tahoe Cure x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Unnamed = Papaya x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Whiplash = Haole Girl BX x Cherry Pie BX3
  • Wishing Tree = Sunset Sherbet x Cherry Pie BX3

The Selected Male

We had a nice selection of males to look through and had somewhat of a challenge selecting one as there were so many great contenders, but ended up deciding on the one that was most like Cherry Pie.

Cherry Cherry Pie BX3 male

The male had improved branching, beautiful color, and copious amounts of cherry resin

The male we selected was favored for its terpene profile, with the goal of continuing the breeding of a baked cherry aroma. The male had improved branching, beautiful color, and copious amounts of cherry resin; characteristics that he will pass down to the offspring. The great thing about selecting a heavily dominant Cherry Pie male is that it will influence a shorter bloom time in all of the phenos that come from it, with Cherry Pie being one of our fastest flowering strains at 8 weeks.

Standout Strains

There are many really nice crosses that will come from this menu. One standout strain will of course be the Cherry Rollups = Cherry Pie x Cherry Pie BX3. The BX3 was also an intense Cherry Pie dominant cross that just reeked whenever you walked by the plant. Each time we take a Cherry Pie cross and breed it back into the original Cherry Pie, it further locks in that desired terpene profile and effect and never fails to impress.

The Maraschino Cookies pheno we selected and bred with had an intense terpene profile as well. It smelled like a perfect blend of Cherry Pie and Cookies. It was very pleasing to smell and was noticeable from far, so pairing it with the Cherry Pie BX3 will produce a stellar cherry combination.

The Cherry On Top

This menu will drop mid to late July 2022. As previously mentioned, this menu will include fast flowering phenos, a plus for those looking for faster bloom times. Cherry Pie crosses don’t last long, so if you’re interested in a pack, please contact us.