808 Genetics’ Kanaka Kush – A Multiple Award-Winning Strain

808 Genetics is happy to announce that our genetics recently won two awards at the 2020 Washington Cannabis Cup:

808 Genetics’ Kanaka Kush Best Infused PreRoll
808 Genetics’ Kanaka Kush Best Solventless Hash

Our friends at Gold Leaf Gardens grew our Kanaka Kush, entering a preroll and solventless hash in the competition, and took home first place in both categories.

Kanaka Kush

The award-winning Kanaka Kush | Photo: @goldleafgardens420

About Kanaka Kush

Kanaka Kush = [Lemonade x (Crippy x Haole Boy)] and was bred in 2019. The Lemonade was gifted to us from @berner415, and was the mother of the cross. The father was bred and selected in 2019 from our Haole Girl line. We named it Andy Irons in honor of a local Kauai surfer, a legend at the sport, who tragically died in 2010.

Kanaka Kush boasts a lemon candy profile with a creamy gassy fade sure to impress anyone in your circle. It is a 8-9 week variety with a 2-3 hour effect and works best for pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Hours of Relief: 2+ hours
Effects: Moderate strength
Good For: Motivation, stimulation, pain, nausea, anxiety, depression
Flower Characteristics: Lemon candy, cream, and gas aroma and taste
Plant Characteristics: Slow veg, tight internode spacing, medium bract to leaf ratio, dense flowers, high yielding
Best For: Indoor or greenhouse
Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Kanaka Kush

A room full of Kanaka Kush | Photo: @goldleafgardens420

The Best Of The Best

We’ve had several other crosses lab tested and come back with great results as well; for example, the Crippy S1 grown by Sunshine Cannabis (Florida) tested at an impressive 36% total cannabinoids, with 29% THC, and had a complex blend of multiple other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG, containing 5% total terpenes.

We are pleased to have our genetics serving others in the cannabis community, allowing us to achieve the goals we originally set out to do. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. A big congratulations to the entire Gold Leaf Gardens team!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.