Cherry Gasoline Menu: Fast Flowering Crippy OG Kush Plants

Cherry Gasoline = Crippy x Cherry Pie BX2

The newest crosses to drop after our Haole Girl BX3 menu will be the Cherry Gasoline menu. The goal is to create a faster flowering OG Kush strain, which will be accomplished with this project. Our selected male had a noticeable sweet cherry aroma with a strong presence of gas as well. It was a perfect blend of the Crippy and Cherry Pie genetics. The Crippy will bring that gassy strength to the table while the Cherry Pie will bring a quicker flower time, tight internodal spacing, beautiful color, and a deep purple terpene profile.

Cherry Gasoline Male

Our selected Cherry Gasoline male

One standout characteristic we noticed were the plants ability to withstand outdoor summer conditions very well. Not all plants handle warmer temperatures and longer light periods the same. We have found some plants (ex. Wedding Cake) are not able to finish the flower cycle during summer in Hawaii due to those conditions. Hairs will not completely turn orange and the flower will appear like it’s unfinished. The Cherry Gasoline did not have this problem at all and vigorously grew and developed throughout the warm weather, showing no sign of light stress during flower on the summer solstice.

Crosses will include:

  • Cherry Gasoline F2 = Cherry Gasoline x Cherry Gasoline
  • Cherry Girl = Haole Girl BX3 x Cherry Gasoline
  • Gas Pump Candy = Runtz x Cherry Gasoline
  • Rainbow Gasoline = Z x Cherry Gasoline
  • Vanilla Gasoline = Vanilla Shake x Cherry Gasoline
  • Gasoline Girl = Star Girl x Cherry Gasoline
  • Cherry Apple Fritter = Apple Fritter x Cherry Gasoline
  • Pink Pop = GMO Papaya #11 x Cherry Gasoline
  • Pink Dragon Fruit = GMO Papaya #22 x Cherry Gasoline
  • Chem #4 x Cherry Gasoline
  • Gorilla Gasoline = Gorilla Glue #4 x Cherry Gasoline
Haole Girl BX3 Male

808 Genetics’ Cherry Gasoline menu will deliver potent phenos full of flavor and gas | Art by @420air

Coming Soon

This menu is expected to be available by the middle to end of August (2021). For more information, or to inquire about availability, drop us an email.