2023 Lemon Peelz Competition

With the success of our Angel Breath competition, for 2023 we will be holding another friendly grow-off competition for the 808 community with Lemon Peelz. Lemon Peelz is the world’s first Lemonade BX. We have several phenos of it going right now and it is really nice. The phenos we have seem to be a nice mix of both Lemonade and Animal Cookies, which was our goal when breeding it. Lemonade is a slow vegging plant with tight internode spacing and doesn’t like a lot of water. The Lemon Peelz phenos grow much faster and drink well. We will be looking for a faster vegging, less sensitive variety with that Lemonade terp profile and Cookie bract to leaf ratio and trichome development.

Lemon Peelz Art lemon peelz wording

Our Lemon Peelz competition will be open to anybody with Lemon Peelz seeds | Art by @420air

How To Enter

  1. Email 808genetics@protonmail.com to secure a pack(s) of Lemon Peelz
  2. Start the seeds as soon as you get them
  3. Send us lab results of the potency and terpene profile, and a photo of your selected pheno by 12/31/23
The prize is still to be determined and will be announced as soon as it’s decided on, however, will most likely be similar to last year’s.

Want To Join The Fun?

Entries must be submitted by December 31, 2023, this time with lab test results for potency and terpene profile to provide more data about each pheno. If you’re interested in joining in the fun, or have any questions, feel free to contact us. Follow along with this competition on our IG, Facebook, and on our discord.

Good luck!