How To Select A Strain Without Trying It First

If you’re new to cannabis, it can be challenging to select a strain that’s right for your particular need. With so many new strains quickly being created, how do you know what to choose if you haven’t tried it? By doing a little research and learning some basic information about cannabis, you can be better prepared when new drops hit the market, and it can help you make good decisions when it comes to what strains to select for you and your garden.

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Remember, when you like the smell and taste of a certain strain, you are more likely to benefit from it medicinally

The following questions are best to ask before selecting a new strain to try:

What’s The Genetic Makeup?

Genetics are the #1 thing to consider when deciding if a particular variety is right for you. Genetics will determine everything from whether or not a strain will perform well in your environment to whether or not it will provide the medicinal benefits you are looking for. Genetic considerations include Sativa vs Indica, cannabinoid content (THC vs CBD), the preferred terpene profiles, if it stretches a lot, and how it grows.

BX3 Or F3?

In addition to the genetic makeup, how much a particular variety has been worked is also an important consideration, especially when selecting a strain for your garden. Typically, the more a variety has been worked, the more stable it is and the more consistency you’ll have from phenotypes within the seed stock. BX or backcrosses will produce the most consistent phenotypes with improved terpene profiles in its offspring while filial generations or “F lines” will produce more variety in the phenotypes as well as increased vigor. While certain patients may prefer a wider selection of phenotypes to search through, others may want a better chance of finding new terpene profiles.

What’s Your End Goal?

With all of the branding that goes into products these days, it can be distracting. It’s important to look past the logos and strain names and focus on what your end goal is. Are you looking for pain relief? A sleep aid? Do you need to be more productive? With so many strains available today, it makes it easier than ever to find a strain tailored to exactly what you need. So go ahead and be super selective about what you’re looking for.

Great Things Exist In The Unknown

Trying new things and finding new things to love is what helps keep life interesting and beautiful. The next new strain you try may end up being one that wonderfully changes your life. With the fast pace the cannabis industry is moving at, it’s helpful to do your homework, know your facts, and take advantage of the great products that are being offered today. Often, when well thought-out, taking a chance pays off better than you could have ever imagined.