How To Finally Get The Real Crippy In Your Life & Garden

Crippy is a strain that is loved by many, but until recently, was extremely hard to get your hands on. We have been working with Crippy for well over a decade. It’s a favorite of ours as it has a potency that is hard to match in addition to an outstanding lemon Pinesol cleaner terpene profile with a heavy splash of gas. Its trichomes also have a greasy rainbow sparkle when sunshine hits them that makes it beautiful in the garden. While all of that is nice, its best attribute is it allows cancer patients that are going through chemo to gain an appetite and helps terminally ill patients reduce the pharmaceuticals they take daily. It also helps those addicted to opioids, or going through withdrawal, turn their life around. The testimonials we have heard about this strain and how it has helped people all over the world is truly amazing.

Organic sun grown crippy

The legendary Crippy

In addition to hearing how much it has helped others, experiencing its medicinal qualities first hand ourselves inspired us to really put time into this line. Since 2019 we have been backcrossing and outcrossing this strain to both preserve and progress it.

One thing we wanted to improve upon was its ease of growing. For the average grower, and especially the beginner, it’s quite difficult to get it to turn out well. It doesn’t like to drink a lot, can be sensitive to light, and needs plenty of support as it has thin viney branches. On top of that, it has a longer bloom time for an indica, requiring a solid 12-13 weeks to finish, making a dedicated grower and adequate attention vital to its success.

True Crippy Lines

We have worked Crippy several ways to research the plant further and to see which combinations would produce the desired phenotypes. Several of the following crosses from 808 Genetics are the most pure forms that produce consistent phenos.

  • Kauai OG = Crippy x Crippy x Crippy x Kauai Electric
  • Da Crip = Crippy x Crippy x Heirloom Purple Thai
  • Crippy OG = Crippy x Crippy BX2
  • Sea Stars = Crippy x Donny Burger (our most popular strain of 2020)
  • Crypto Currency = Crippy x Sea Stars
  • Criptonite = Crippy x Crypto Currency
  • Crippy Kush = Crippy x Criptonite
  • Green Portal = Crippy x Crippy Kush
Currently, we have several Green Portal phenos in veg and we are loving them. It’s hard to tell them apart when put next to the Crippy mom as far as the leaves and structure go, but they have thicker, stronger stems, drink well, and don’t seem to be as light sensitive. We will be selecting our favorite Green Portal male and making a whole new menu in the beginning of 2023, with the goal to cross it back to the original Crippy mother again, creating the world’s first Crippy BX5.

Organic sun grown crippy Criptonite 84 Crippy Kush Organic sun grown crippy

Crippy (far left), Criptonite #84 (second from left), Crippy Kush (second from right), Green Portal #5 (far right)

Crippy S1

We often get asked about Crippy S1, which we made a small batch of in 2020 and it quickly went out of stock. To no surprise, one place it ended up was in Florida. @sunshinecannabis has been making drops at Trulieve locations since they first got it and we get a lot of their customers asking if we’ll make that strain again. While we’re not sure if there will ever be a second batch made due to the unnatural process required to make feminized seeds not aligning with our organic-based company values, we do think the traditional seeds from the Criptonite, Crippy Kush, and Green Portal lines will produce similar, if not stronger, more vigorous phenotypes that will satisfy those that need Crippy back in their lives. To the untrained eye, the phenos are hard to tell apart, but for us, we do see slight differences. Our favorite cross of Crippy made to date would have to be Crippy Kush, however, we haven’t flowered out any of the Green Portals at this point; they look promising.

More About Crippy

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