Highly Recommended Gifts For The Cannabis Enthusiast

A gift is a nice way to let your friends and loved ones know that you appreciate them. Putting a little effort into thinking about what someone might like can go a long way. The right gift can mean a lot, but can sometimes be challenging to find. In case you’re needing a little inspiration, the items listed below are both thoughtful and helpful, and are perfect for any holiday, birthday, or 4/20 celebration. Ideal for any cannabis enthusiast, they’re also great to get for yourself.

1. Herb-Iron


An Herb-Iron is a ceramic wand that heats up with the push of a button and replaces the need for a lighter. This is a tool every cannabis enthusiast should have. It works with a variety of glass pieces as well as joints and blunts. Not only is it a healthier way to light cannabis, it allows you to taste the flavor of the flower due to the absence of butane. It heats up in about 10 seconds and will quickly become the favorite – and only – way to burn.

Herb Iron

An Herb-Iron allows the flavor of the flower to shine

2. 808 Genetics Souvenirs & Merchandise


808 Genetics offers a nice variety of souvenirs that are 100% organically produced, stored in sustainable packaging, and made in Hawaii. Quality and environmentally-friendly go hand-in-hand to deliver a unique gift that is sure to please the most complex of souvenir collectors. We also offer membership packages that let someone select up to 15 different packs of souvenirs, includes a wood membership card, 20% off future donation amounts (while a current 808 member), and a hat or t-shirt (depending on availability).

808 Genetics Souvenirs and Merchandise

Unique gifts that are sure to please the most complex souvenir collectors

3. Organic Grow Book


Cannabis: The Art of Growing Organically written by Moana Britt is a comprehensive grow book that guides readers through step-by-step instructions on organic cultivation techniques. For indoor and outdoor growers. The digital copy is now available.


Learn the art of growing organically

What you get:

  • 399 page book
  • 20+ years of knowledge from a 2nd generation cannabis farmer who is certified in KNF by Master Cho (2016) on the Big Island of Hawai’i
  • Over 10 of Supa’s recipes, including: veg and bloom tea, topdressing, and bottle recipes, soil recipes, plant boosting recipe, essential oil pest and pathogen recipes, and more
  • Step-by-step KNF farming techniques including LAB and IMO
  • Sustainable gardening practices
  • Week-by-week guide
  • DIY greenhouse blueprints
  • DIY vortex brewer blueprints

4. The Peak Smart Rig


This one is for the concentrate fans. A Puffco Peak is a glass piece that heats up in about 20 seconds without a flame or additional heating source, instead using digitally-managed heat. It has multiple settings, is fast charging, and has a long lasting battery. The Peak is small, easy to carry around, and comes in different colors. It’s great for those that want to be discreet or are always on the go.

The Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is convenient, easy-to-use, and stylish

5. Gift Cards

Whatever you want to spend

Gift cards are always a great idea. Cannabis enthusiasts know how to keep busy. Most are constantly engaged in some type of project and don’t always necessarily want to share the details of said projects. A helpful gesture is to gift them with a prepaid card to their favorite gardening store, hardware store, or even coffee shop. Several gardening products can also be purchased online, so Amazon cards always come in handy.

Amazon Gift Card

Gift cards are always a great idea

Some great places to buy gift cards from are:

  • Amazon
  • Coffee Shops
  • Hardware Stores
  • Local Gardening Stores

6. Munchies

Whatever you want to spend

Munchies are almost a necessity and are always appreciated. A gift basket with all of someone’s favorite snacks is thoughtful, or include one or two snacks with another gift to add a little extra cheer.

Kauai Coffee bag

Order gifts made in Hawaii online and have them delivered to your door

Extra special treats that are made in Hawaii and can be ordered online that we enjoy are:

Please note: These Hawaii treats are not infused with cannabis and are great for everyone.

Happy gifting!