Haole Girl BX3 Menu: Making Some Of The Best Medicinal Cannabis On Earth

Haole Girl x Haole Girl BX2 = Haole Girl BX3

The next crosses to hit our menu are the highly-anticipated pairings of our prized mothers and our carefully selected Haole Girl BX3 male. Haole Girl is one of our most well-known strains and has made many cannabis connoisseurs very happy. We’ve heard several people say it’s the only strain they want in their garden. And it’s one of 808 Genetics’ go-to favorites as well.

The Haole Girl BX3 is a specially worked line that will produce offspring with improved yields and cannabinoid content. In our opinion, this menu will produce some of the best medicine we’ve made to date.

Haole Girl BX3 Male

The making of 808 Genetics’ Haole Girl BX3 menu

Crosses will include:

  • Cherry Girl = Cherry Gasoline x HGBX3
  • Glitz = Runtz x HGBX3
  • Diamond Rain = Blue Sapphire x HGBX3
  • Haole Girl IX = Haole Girl x HGBX3
  • Haole Girl Slaps = Haole Girl BX x HGBX3
  • Haole Girl BX3 F2 = Haole Girl BX3 x HGBX3
  • Vanilla Truffle = Black Truffle x HGBX3
  • Truffle Corn = Magic Truffle x HGBX3
  • Garlique Girl = GMO x HGBX3
  • Hippie Girl = GMO Papaya x HGBX3
  • Pineapple Girl = Pineapple Hindu Z x HGBX3
  • Ala Girl = Sunrise Papaya x HGBX3
  • Kauai Girl = Kauai Electrics x HGBX3
  • Haole Shake = Vanilla Shake x HGBX3
Careful selection is put into every plant we work with and the genetic lineage that is being created in our crosses will provide plants that we believe will outperform most plants in the garden.

This menu will produce multiple phenos with the highly-desired vanilla cream gas terpene profile, and containing both the world-famous Crippy and local favorite Kauai Electric, will be nothing short of what many consider to be the ultimate medicine.

Several of these crosses will be extremely limited with the goal of making them more collectible and valuable. The standout cross is the Haole Girl BX x HGBX3; it will be more available due to being a perfect match and something we’re extremely excited about releasing. We’ll be making less Haole Girl x HGBX3 to keep it exclusive.

making of hgbx3 menu

Mothers ready to be pollinated for our new Haole Girl BX3 menu

Coming Soon

This menu is scheduled to drop in August, 2021. For more information, or to inquire about availability, drop us an email.