808 Genetics’ Sherb N Runtz Wins National Grow Off Competition

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, our strain Sherb N Runtz = Sunset Sherbet x (Runtz x (Runtz x Strawberries and Cream F2)) won a national competition put on by @thegrowoff with growers entered from Hawaii to Maine. It had the highest test results for cannabinoids at 33.30% and tied for highest terpenes at 2.85%. Clones were provided to Maine contestants by our friend @bung_lu_detch who pheno hunted our packs and submitted his #7 pheno.

In regards to The Grow Off competition, he says, “Everyone grows the same mystery genotype that [was] selected and the best analytics take the cake! Taking the human element out of the judging and putting the pressure on the process to produce the highest terpenes and total cannabinoids.” In other words, growers who entered the competition didn’t know what strain they were growing or who bred it until the results were in. This ensured no prejudice and a fair playing ground. Starting in 2016, this is the 7th year this competition has taken place and they had a record number of entries.

The Grow Off Results

Congratulations to all the winners!

@bung_lu_detch describes Sherb N Runtz as “Hands down…the best flower I’ve grown in my life!” He selected the pheno for the competition from a 700+ seed hunt from multiple breeders and strains.

His description of his #13 pheno was: “This pheno bangs! Super Candy terps with that look that everyone loves! Puffed up calyx, coated with trichomes, tons of color, and a nose that will drive a terp hound CRAZY! I’m in love with this 52 day pheno! And it was made by 2 of my favorite people in this industry that have shown me more kindness and friendship than most of my locals. Honored and proud to call you both friends @808supakauai & @really_rawgenetics! Much love and respect!”

Sherb N Runtz

Sherb N Runtz by @fullmoosefarms207, the 2nd place Maine winner of this event

Additional comments he made about Sherb N Runtz were:

“This girl is speaking to me! This is what I like to see when selecting females! Curvy, filled out, encrusted in trichomes, purple hues, dense flowers, early harvest. She clones well and is def going to be getting into heavy rotation around here. The smoke test will be the ultimate deciding factor, but if she smokes anything like she smells, she’s a winner all day long! Candy fuel that smacks you in the nose with a little vanilla bean on the back. I’m f*in excited for this one!”

“Iced out and pushing hard! These ladies don’t f* around! I love all the Sherb work 808 puts out. Literally Sherb on steroids! Better structure, better flower size, better terps, and better yield! What more could you ask for!? I will be running a lot more of his work as this project continues. You can bet on that!”

He told us personally that he didn’t let out his top 3 favorite Sherb N Runtz phenos and selected the 4th best for the competition. Which makes us wonder what test results the first 3 would have produced…A big mahalo (thank you) to @bung_lu_detch and his crew for the support and for entering the Sherb N Runtz into the competition. This competition was fun to see and we hope more of our strains will be entered in the future.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Want a pack? Sherb N Runtz is out of stock, however, we did make Sherb N Runtz 2.0, which we named Twin Peaks = Sunset Sherbet x Runtz BX2. It’s super similar to the original just more worked as we crossed the Candy Machine (a Runtz BX we used to make the Sherb N Runtz) back to Runtz to make a BX2. Twin Peaks is in stock and available, so if you’d like a pack, just drop us an email.