Cherry Pie

(Urkle) x (F1 x Durban Poison)) = Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie was gifted to us in 2012. It has a terpene profile that is unmatched with a strong sharp cherry aroma with a grape nag champa backend and notes of gas and pie crust. The flavor is similar to the smell. On top of having a delightfully uncommon aroma and flavor, another nice thing about this strain is that it has one of the fastest finishing bloom times compared to most other strains at 8 weeks. It has noticeably serrated leaves and cherry red petioles on its leaves. It has nice resin production, however, unless bred with a washing strain, does not yield much for concentrates.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is known for its great taste, aroma, and beautiful colors


Cherry Pie is a Bay Area strain created by Jigga and PieGuy. Named for its sweet cherry aroma, it is a connoisseur’s favorite. High flavor and potent cut while still being a decent yielding plant of dark purple and lime green flowers.

Cherry Pie

Organically grown Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

Quick Facts

Hours of Relief: 2.5+ hours
Effects: Moderate strength, Indica
Good For: Anxiety, relaxation, depression
Flower Characteristics: Cherry pie aroma, cherry fuel taste
Plant Characteristics: Medium internode spacing, greasy, beautiful color, prone to mold in high humidity, can herm when stressed but pollen is sterile, moderately yielding
Best For: Indoor
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

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