Oreoz x Lurch Menu Offers Scary Limited Strains Perfect For Collectors

We won Oreoz x Lurch beans at a charity auction for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, where 100% of the profit went to help support children in need. We donated $5,500 towards a great cause and have used the beans we won to create some varieties that will be perfect to make a product or brand off of as very few packs will be released to the public. We also took several different phenos of Oreoz x Lurch and crossed them to our Animal Cookies IX male, which will also be an extremely limited off-menu drop.

Oreoz x Lurch Menu

Our Oreoz x Lurch menu will be super limited | Art by @420air

We’ve made the following crosses:

  • Alfajores = (Oreoz x Lurch #6) x Animal Cookies IX
  • Fester’z Fondue = GMO x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Ice Cream Oreoz = Sunset Sherbet x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Kodiak Cakez = Wedding Cake x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Macarons = (Oreoz x Lurch #13) x Animal Cookies IX
  • Oreo Cookiez = Forum Cookies x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Pugsley’z Papayaz = Papaya x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Pure Kauai = (Oreoz x Lurch #7) x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Smoreoz = (Oreoz x Lurch #3) x Animal Cookies IX
  • Stroopwafels = (Oreoz x Lurch #11) x Animal Cookies IX
Oreoz x Lurch is a never-been-released strain from @gromerjuana of Thug Pug Genetics. It grows tight flowers with little stretch, looks similar to a Cookies plant, and has terpene profiles that remind you of rich chocolate s’mores with diesel fuel.

Oreoz x Lurch Menu

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own exclusive genetics | Art by @420air

Oreoz x Lurch genetic lineage includes:

  • Oreoz = Cookies and Cream x Secret Weapon
  • Lurch = Mendobreath F3
Alfajores Lemon Macarons Stroopwafels

Alfajores, Macarons, and Stroopwafels – What kind of cookie is your favorite? | Art by @420air

More Information

This menu dropped at the beginning of 2021 and quickly went out of stock. If you have any questions, please contact us.