How To Set Your Brand Apart With Exclusive Cannabis Genetics

2020 brought a lot of good change for cannabis. During the quarantine lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis was one of the limited industries deemed as an essential business, allowing companies to continue operating when many others were shut down. Throughout that uncertain time, the cannabis industry continued to not only operate, but explode in growth. As a result, several states decided to increase local revenue and voted to legalize cannabis in the 2020 election, making major strides towards allowing easier accessibility for those in need of its healing benefits.

Lately, it seems like everybody is jumping on board to create a cannabis brand. With it being such a versatile ingredient, found in everything from food to lip balm, how do you set your brand apart from the rest?

The answer is simple: Have genetics that nobody else has.

This is the exact approach 808 Genetics took when founding and progressing our company, and made that a possibility for our supporters as well; we want to help build brands by providing unique and evolving genetics that nobody else has. Whether you’re wanting to create a standout flower or a new cannabis product, our genetics can help you achieve that goal.

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What sets your cannabis brand apart from the rest?

When selecting genetics for your brand, keep the following in mind:

Not All Genetics Are Created Equal

There are a lot of different genetic cannabis companies these days. While it can be overwhelming to decide on which pack to invest in, it’s good to look at what kind of breeding stock and mother plants are being explored before making definitive decisions on genetics.

For example, feminized and autoflowering seeds are not necessarily the best route to go if you’re wanting to breed your own varieties; regular seeds are preferred. Fems and autos can also be limited when it comes to unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles as the gene pool is not as diverse.

808 Genetics has been selectively collecting, researching, and developing strains and cultivation techniques that are effective for developing products and building brands off of. Do your research to determine what the right lineage and plant characteristics are best for your brand.

What Is Your Targeted Market?

Cannabis plants are all different. Some plants are better for producing flowers for medicine and some plants are better for extraction purposes while others are selected specifically for their terpenes (flavor and smell). By first knowing what product you would like to create, you can then have a better idea of what strain would be the best option.

How Competitive Is Your Market?

When it comes to standing out in the cannabis industry, nothing grabs a consumer’s attention like something that is rare or different. While hyped and well-marketed strains can be appealing, most of them are not exclusive – lots of people already know what they are, or have them. One of the nice things about having a slight variation of a strain that is hyped, or crossing two well-loved varieties to create an amazing new genetic lineage, is that it can provide that appeal that will draw attention and drive sales.

808 Genetics offers the unique opportunity to work with us and our genetic library to create a strain that only your brand has access to, which causes consumers to have to come to your brand for the experience. If you have access to a one-of-a-kind strain that checks off all the boxes your company is looking for, that’s a big advantage over the competition.

If that’s too much or too long of a wait for you, you can look through the large inventory we have already created to find a pheno that truly sets you apart from the rest.

Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Don’t let the fast pace or competitive nature of the cannabis industry intimidate or hold back your brand. Take the steps needed to set yourself apart and truly stand out as a household name and industry leader.

808 Genetics has put in the work to help take your company to the next level. Let us know how we can help.

If you have any questions, please contact us.