First Edition Grassroots Criptonite Hat With Artwork By 420 Air Designs

We recently got the ball rolling on a collab between Grassroots, 420 Air Designs, and 808 Genetics. Grassroots will be making a one-of-a-kind hat with original artwork by Rylan Kapuy of @420Air from 808 Genetics’ Criptonite menu. There will only be 150 hats made for this drop, making it a great collectible item. While we plan on making other hats, each design will be one-off.

criptonite hat

This artwork was inspired by fast cars and dank cannabis

criptonite hat underneath custom made hat

This is the second hat by 808 Genetics but the first custom designed hat made from 100% hemp

The front of this hat will have the Criptonite spark plug with double piston logo along with a honeycomb print in gray. Under the brim will continue the honeycomb design with a bit more detail and in green with the 808 Genetics bees. The inner seams of the hat will have the 808 Genetics and Grassroots names printed in white. These hats are made from 100% hemp.

How To Order

This hat is now available on our website’s merchandise page. Every order comes with a pack of Criptonite F2 while supplies last. To order one, please email us.