GMO Papaya: Crossing Two Of The World’s Best Washing Strains

Papaya x GMO BX2 = GMO Papaya

We gladly present our latest creations: the GMO Papaya menu. The purpose of this project is to, quite frankly, make a strain that’s a washer’s favorite. Papaya and GMO are both well known in the washing world and combining them just seemed like the right thing to do.

To make this strain, we first made Durrr Burger = GMO BX2.

Mother: GMO
Father: GMO x GMO x Larry F8

Then we made Papaya x Durrr Burger = GMO Papaya.

Papaya’s terpene profile is reminiscent of freshly cut tropical fruit, obviously, in particular, papaya. The GMO terpene profile is the complete opposite; it has a slightly offensive aroma of stinky garlic, chem, and gas (in the best way). Papaya has more of a daytime, social effect, while GMO definitely has more of a nightime, couch-locked effect.

This strain really got us excited because we grew out several nice plants and every single one, male or female, was attention grabbing in the garden. A few threw some great variegated leaves, which is fun in veg, but the terps that came off of these plants were different than what we’re used to and really caught our attention.

Variegated GMO Papaya plant

GMO Papaya (female) in veg; we used this plant to make Papaya Poundcake

Mixing a funky strain like GMO to a fruity strain like Papaya had some people wondering how it would turn out, but we were confident with the cross and are extremely pleased with the results. Our goal is to acquire phenos that have the more pleasant terps of Papaya with the potency of the GMO, and to top it off, be a strain that’s exceptional for washing.

GMO Papaya crosses will include:

  • Broccoli = Animal Cookies x GMO Papaya
  • Funky Lime Papaya = Lemonade x GMO Papaya
  • Gelato Burger = Gello x GMO Papaya
  • Li Hing Mui = Runtz x GMO Papaya
  • Unnamed = Chem 4 x GMO Papaya
  • Papaya Juice = Papaya x GMO Papaya
  • Race Gas = Motorbreath x GMO Papaya
  • Royalties = Kanaka Punch x GMO Papaya
  • Spacebound = Tahoe Cure x GMO Papaya
  • Teri Burger = GMO x GMO Papaya

GMO Papaya

Pink hairs are a genetic trait in our GMO Papaya that comes from the Papaya mother

GMO Papaya Male

Our selected GMO Papaya male

This menu is now available. To check on availability, or if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.