Fun Facts About Cannabis Plants

The cannabis plant is different from most plants in several ways. Besides being visually unique, it is highly sensitive to its environment and to its caretaker. Below are some interesting things that you may not know about the cannabis plant, but once you do, can help improve how you care for it.

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Cannabis plants are highly sensitive to their environment and caretaker

1. Did you know that it’s been scientifically researched and proven that speaking kindly to plants helps them grow better and keeps them healthier?

In a study, two of the same age, size, and kind of plants were given the exact same conditions for growing, the only difference was the words they were exposed to as they matured. Researchers spoke kindly to one while bombarding the other with negativity. Over time, the plant exposed to kind words was noticeably greener, larger in size, and overall healthier than the plant that was spoken to in an unkind manner.

While this is true for all plants, cannabis plants are highly sensitive and seem especially responsive to positivity. Some of the positive words you can say include:

🌹 You look beautiful.
🌹 Keep growing; you’re doing great.
🌹 Have I told you that I love you today?

2. Cannabis plants grow better and stay healthier when you play them music.

Studies have shown that certain music can positively influence plant health and growth, improve pest and disease resistance, as well as increase the development of good fungi and bacteria in the soil; however, factors such as tone, frequency, time of day, and length of exposure matter, especially for cannabis plants, as they are strongly influenced by vibe.

What kind of music should you play? Some suggestions include:

🎶 Classical songs
🎶 Instrumental songs
🎶 Reggae songs

3. Did you know that gardening is good for you?

It’s widely known that spending time outdoors is important and can have profound effects on your health. Sunshine, fresh air, and exposure to soil are just some of the factors that make it so beneficial, effective on both physical and mental well-being. Some proven benefits of gardening include:

🌿 Gardening boosts your mood
🌿 Gardening helps reduce anxiety
🌿 Gardening improves your immune system

4. The cannabis plant is 1 of 50,000 plant species that is used for medicinal purposes.

It is used to treat an impressive amount of medical conditions, common and severe, including:

💖 Cancer
💖 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
💖 Chronic Pain

What Do These Things Teach Us?

The cannabis plant is a special plant, unique in the many ways it is capable of healing. It not only provides relief from some of today’s worst medical conditions, it reminds us that the way we treat things, the way we treat each other, has a major influence on the outcome. Like the cannabis plant, we need kindness and care in order to reach our full potential.

In addition to all of the fun and wonderful things that have been discovered about cannabis, there is still plenty more left to discover. New strains, new techniques, and new technology constantly help improve upon the knowledge and capabilities of this plant.

In the meantime, surround yourself with the good, recognize and let go of the bad, and through it all, make sure you never stop growing.