Australia Fire Souvenir Auction

Australia’s fires have been burning across the country for a couple of weeks now, responsible for the loss of numerous lives and homes. Bigger than the recent Amazon fires and the California fires, the impact it’s having on the environment is huge; wildlife and their habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate, with slow-moving animals like the koala bear having a particularly difficult time escaping the fast-moving flames.

Australia fires

This photo posted by @ourplanetdaily shows the scale of Australia’s fires

Thankfully, conditions are beginning to improve as firefighters are gaining control and some areas are receiving rainfall. While resources are greatly needed, awareness can be just as helpful. Social media is already responsible for raising a significant amount of money to help first responders and animal rescuers continue their amazing efforts to bring relief to those in need. A big mahalo goes out to all those who have helped use Instagram and social media to promote good, and improve devastating situations like this one.

808 Souvenir Auction

@808.genetics wants to help and is doing an auction with 100% of donations going to support those affected by the fires. The highest bidder will receive the following packs of our souvenirs:

  • Animal Kush Mints (1 pack, 10 regular souvenirs)
  • Instagram (1 pack, 10 regular souvenirs)
  • Molten Lava (1 pack, 10 regular souvenirs)
  • Zkittle Mintz (1 pack, 10 regular souvenirs)
  • Hawaiian Duckfoot (1 pack, 10 regular souvenirs)

This will be a silent auction, open for bidding from Jan. 7, 2020 – Jan. 14, 2020. Please email to bid. Starting bid is a $175 donation.

Additional Ways To Help

Other sites to visit to help with the cause include:

Please continue to keep Australia in your thoughts and prayers. ?????