Animal Cookies IX Breeding Project: Improved Yield, Structure, & Vigor

Animal Cookies IX = Animal Cookies x Animal Cookies x Bubba Kush x Animal Mints bred by 808 Genetics

Introducing 808 Genetics’ newest creations, the first menu of 2021, we proudly present our Animal Cookies IX menu. We selected several of our proven mothers that we thought would compliment the Animal Cookies genetic lineage and crossed them to our selected male. The Animal Cookies IX is a worked line that grows with consistent structure and uniformity in all of the offspring phenos.

Animal Cookies IX male

Our Animal Cookies IX male developed into a resinous stud that checked off all of the boxes

Phenos will have large resin heads ideal for patients that want strong medicinal value while providing complex kushy cookie plants in the purest form in the garden. It’s a win-win. The male will enhance the genetics that are there, without overpowering the mothers, to produce phenos that have extremely tight buds and a moderate stretch with an improved yield over the original Animal Cookies plant. Phenos will also exhibit blue and purple colors in late flower. These crosses will be a standout in any garden.

We’ve made the following crosses:

  • Bad Neighbor = GMO x Animal Cookies IX
  • Cara Dune = Animal Cookies IX x Animal Cookies IX
  • Circus Animal = Animal Cookies x Animal Cookies IX
  • Circus Cookies = Forum Cookies x Animal Cookies IX
  • Good Neighbor = Durrr Burger x Animal Cookies IX
  • Lemon Macarons = Lemonade x Animal Cookies IX
  • Papaya Cookies = Papaya x Animal Cookies IX
  • Toaster Strudel = Sunset Sherbet x Animal Cookies IX
  • Sour Tropicana Cookies = Sour Tangie x Animal Cookies IX
Circus Animal Papaya Cookies

Circus Cookies and Papaya Cookies are sure to please | Art by @420air

Oreoz x Lurch: A Special Opportunity

We also took several different phenos of Oreoz x Lurch and crossed them to our Animal Cookies IX male, which will be an extremely limited off-menu drop. 808 Genetics won these beans at a charity auction for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, where 100% of the profit went to help support children in need. We donated $5,500 towards a great cause and have used the beans we won to create some varieties that will be perfect to make a product or brand off of as very few packs will be released to the public.

We’ve made the following crosses:

  • Alfajores = (Oreoz x Lurch #6) x Animal Cookies IX
  • Fester’z Fondue = GMO x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Ice Cream Oreoz = Sunset Sherbet x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Kodiak Cakez = Wedding Cake x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Macarons = (Oreoz x Lurch #13) x Animal Cookies IX
  • Oreo Cookiez = Forum Cookies x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Pugsley’z Papayaz = Papaya x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Pure Kauai = (Oreoz x Lurch #7) x (Oreoz x Lurch)
  • Smoreoz = (Oreoz x Lurch #3) x Animal Cookies IX
  • Stroopwafels = (Oreoz x Lurch #11) x Animal Cookies IX
Oreoz x Lurch is a never-been-released strain from @gromerjuana of Thug Pug Genetics. It grows tight flowers with little stretch, looks similar to a Cookies plant, and has terpene profiles that remind you of rich chocolate s’mores with diesel fuel.

Oreoz x Lurch genetic lineage includes:

  • Oreoz = Cookies and Cream x Secret Weapon
  • Lurch = Mendobreath F3

Alfajores Lemon Macarons Stroopwafels

Alfajores, Macarons, and Stroopwafels – What kind of cookie is your favorite? | Art by @420air

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