808 Genetics Featured In SKUNK Magazine Summer 2021

We recently had the pleasure of meeting and sitting down with SKUNK Magazine author Evan Kahn for an interview from which he wrote a 2-page article introducing 808 Genetics to their readers.

Skunk magazine article Skunk magazine article

808 Genetics’ first feature in SKUNK magazine

According to their website:

“SKUNK Magazine is a 16 year old global cannabis publication that has been devoted to teaching organic, sustainable cultivation practices and featuring the highest quality genetics in the world. We have taught millions of people to grow organically at home and are a rich resource of information where all of the best minds and companies in the cannabis industry come together and speak. Our educators are the finest growers, breeders, scientists, craft makers, business owners, and activists in the global movement. You can find SKUNK magazine in 4,000+ doors across North America, at Barnes and Noble’s, and magazine retailers everywhere.“

The 808 Genetics article was titled: Making Majah Waves On Kauai. It touched on how 808 Genetics started, some of our goals, current and completed projects, and what direction we are heading in the future. We also gave Evan a tour of our garden, at which time, our GMO Papaya = Papaya x Durrr Burger (GMO BX2) project was in full swing. The article will appear in the Summer 2021 magazine issue.

GMO Papaya

GMO Papaya bred and selected by 808 Genetics

The article write-up was fun to read and we are grateful to have been included in the magazine. We love meeting and speaking with leaders and influencers in the cannabis community and were happy to have been able to sit down and chat. A big mahalo (thank you) to the team over at SKUNK magazine for the awesome write-up and to our 808 family!

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