2019 Breeding Projects: The First Official Drops From 808 Genetics

Here are the breeding projects 808 Genetics started or completed in 2019:

Collector Drops

Heirloom Kauai Electrics F2

Kauai Electrics F1 x Kauai Electrics F1 (10-11 week variety, lemons, eucalyptus, Sprite, Mountain Dew, and skunk notes) *1 pack was released


OGKB x Heirloom Purple Thai (10 week variety, cookie dough, vanilla blueberry syrup) *Undecided on; packs released will be less than 10

Heirloom Purple Thai

808 Genetics’ Heirloom Purple Thai was passed down to @supakauai from his father. This seed stock was from the late 70’s, and was unaltered and preserved on Kauai. With the help of Instagram and the cannabis community, the knowledge to scuff these semi-petrified souvenirs was given to us. We are honored to be able to share these amazing island treasures with all the avid bird seed collectors as the flavors possessed within this gene pool are fantastic. Deep candy blueberry and dark chocolate notes dominate while grapefruit and other phenotypes can be found. The aroma from stem rubs reveal cinnamon notes. All of the flowers exhibit bright purple and violet colors. These plants are vigorous, withstanding tropical rains, high humidity, and temperature fluctuations.

The Heirloom Purple Thai crosses include:

  • Crippy x Heirloom Purple Thai

  • Haole Girl x Heirloom Purple Thai

  • Animal Cookies x Heirloom Purple Thai

  • Forum Cookies x Heirloom Purple Thai

  • Bali Hai Bomb x Heirloom Purple Thai

  • Cherry Pie x Heirloom Purple Thai

  • Sunset Sherbet x Heirloom Purple Thai

  • GG4 x Heirloom Purple Thai

Project 808

This will be our first project that we will not be disclosing the genetics. It is related to our Blue Sapphire and has us extremely excited. We expect sturdy structure that will need little support. It will have large fan leaves and classic skunk, vanilla, gassy notes. Project 808 is expected to be completed within 3 months of March 2019.

Project 808 crosses will include:

  • Crippy x Project 808

  • Haole Girl x Project 808

  • Forum Cookies x Project 808

  • OGKB x Project 808

  • Sunset Sherbet x Project 808

  • GG4 x Project 808

Andy Irons Tribute

In honor of the legendary Kauai surfer Andy Irons, we will be taking our prized Haole Girl clone, which is Wedding Cake x Kauai OG, and creating an F2 ultra exclusive bird seed collector item. This will be a limited release. Only 100 packs will be released and will be named Pine Treez. In honor of A.I., we want to bring nothing but the best! Stay tuned, the project is expected to be completed in 5 months.

The cross will be:

  • Haole Girl x A.I.

Project Purple Crippy

We will be using our Tropical Trip to create a new BX line with an initial outcross F1 to our Heirloom Purple Thai. We have a long term goal with this line creating a purple gassy masterpiece over the course of several BXs to create a true IBL.

Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney was one of my Dad’s favorite actors. We have been planning to do a collaboration with Thug Pug Genetics @gromerjuana for a long time. The time wasn’t really chosen, it just happened; kinda how the world works. OGKB x Garlic Butter will be a mutant lover’s delight. These may or may not be released to the public depending on undetermined factors. Check back later.

Garlic Butter bird seed crosses may include:

  • Crippy x Garlic Butter

  • Haole Girl x Garlic Butter

  • Animal Cookies x Garlic Butter

  • Forum Cookies x Garlic Butter

  • OGKB x Garlic Butter

  • Cherry Pie x Garlic Butter

  • Sunset Sherbet x Garlic Butter

  • GG4 x Garlic Butter

  • OZ Kush x Garlic Butter

808 Genetics Seed Stock

Regular Backcross (Bx) Souvenirs

Kauai Electric Bx

Crippy OG Kush Bx

Faceoff OG Kush Bx

Forum Girl Scout Bx Cookie

OGKB Girl Scout Cookie Bx

San Diego HawgsBreath Bx

Hawaiian Webbed Leaf Indica (Duck Foot) Bx

Old School Norcal Hashplant Bx

Frankenberry Bx


Please note all the above souvenirs are crosses

Regular Souvenirs

Blue Hawaii

Blue Dream (Santa Cruz Cut) x (Kauai Electrics x Grapepuff)


Mendobreath F2 x (Kauai Electrics x Grapepuff)

Purple Electricity

Mendo Montage F2 (Murlpe Pheno) x (Kauai Electrics x Grapepuff)

Feminized Souvenirs

Crippy OG Kush S1

OGKB Girl Scout Cookie S1

HawgsBreath S1


Faceoff OG x OGKB GSC

Crippy OG x OGKB GSC

Faceoff OG x Crippy OG

Faceoff OG x Forum GSC

Crippy OG x Forum GSC