Our Goal

At 808 Genetics, we are passionate about the progression of cannabis, and breed our prized varieties to create new, unique, and effective strains. We start with a proven mother and cross it to a vigorous male with favorable and complementary characteristics. Next, we allow the seeds to fully develop under the warm Hawaiian sun, with tropical bird songs and sweet ocean breezes encouraging them to maturity.

Each new strain is then put to the test and flowered in our garden. Only the strains we are confident with, both for medicinal value and as something we think would be great to work with in the garden, are selected and sealed with the 808 Genetics stamp of approval.

Our goal is to help the cannabis community by creating strains that are tailor-made for specific illnesses. We specialize in strains for pain relief, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite stimulation. We also work with strains that improve creativity and motivation. The objective is for these strains to be grown legally at home in a medical garden where the patient can rely on their own crop to improve their quality of life.

greenhouse wedding cake

One of our goals is to create new, unique, and effective strains that can be grown at home

Below are some of our current and upcoming breeding projects:

Newly Created Seeds

Kauai OG

Crippy BX2

Honey Pot

GG4 x Kauai OG

Lilikoi Pie

OZ Kush x Kauai OG

Haole Girl

Wedding Cake x Kauai OG

Hawaiian Hammah

Animal Cookies x Kauai OG

Hawaiian Rainbow

Forum Cookies x Kauai OG

Coming Soon

Frosty Flights

Blue Sapphire x Project 808

Regular Back Cross Seeds

Kauai Electric Bx Seeds

Crippy OG Kush Bx Seeds

Faceoff OG Kush Bx Seeds

Forum Girl Scout Bx Cookie Seeds

OGKB Girl Scout Cookie Bx Seeds

San Diego HawgsBreath Bx Seeds

Hawaiian Webbed Leaf Indica (Duck Foot) Bx Seeds

Old School Norcal Hashplant Bx Seeds

Franken Berry Bx Seeds


Please note all the above seeds are crosses

Regular Seeds

Blue Hawaii

Blue Dream (Santa Cruz Cut) x (Kauai Electrics x Grapepuff)


Mendobreath F2 x (Kauai Electrics x Grapepuff)

Purple Electricity

Mendo Montage F2 (Murlpe Pheno) x (Kauai Electrics x Grapepuff)

Feminized Seeds

Crippy OG Kush S1

OGKB Girl Scout Cookie S1

HawgsBreath S1


Faceoff OG x OGKB GSC

Crippy OG x OGKB GSC

Faceoff OG x Crippy OG

Faceoff OG x Forum GSC

Crippy OG x Forum GSC

Join the Fun

Are there particular strains you would like to see from 808 Genetics? Feel free to contact us with any comments.