Our Connoisseur Line

808 Genetics is proud to announce our connoisseur line of souvenirs.

These souvenirs were selected and created purely for terps. We believe the most medicinal effects are held within the terpenes. THC is the most desired cannabinoid by most, but we are here to educate and share our findings. High terpene levels in cultivars are much more medicinal than high THC numbers. With many people breeding just for THC alone, you will see lots of 30%+ THC test results. I would like to say, in my findings, the mid 20% THC cultivars with 3%+ terpenes are much more medicinal and enjoyable. Crippy has tested up to 7% total terpenes, which is insane, while testing 25-27% max THC; it's more potent in effects than many 30%+ THC cultivars.

So while all crosses we have created are considered premium connoisseur selection, we didn't want to attach the word "connoisseur" as we believe in math as our primary language. Math is always consistent and that's what we want to offer to our supporters - consistency. Phenos are a numbers game. When you hear someone needs to pop 30 seeds or 100 seeds to find 1 keeper, you got a problem with selection. We find multiple keepers from a single 10 pack of our F1 souvenirs. Let me be clear, I am not saying large pheno hunts aren't a good thing, but the majority of cannabis seeds produced today are simply F1 poly hybrids with limited worked males and no guarantees on what you're gonna get, so this requires a large hunt to find an acceptable plant. We believe this is okay if priced fairly. Only a few breeders do worked lines, huge shout out to them, and not many people work males to the point where they can stand out from the next guy.

The male in this line breeds true through proper selection and allowing epi-genetics to be expressed through our 100% organic growing techniques, including no artificial light for seed production. We have consistently seen cherry cream and gas from this male and everything he touches.

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Current Breeding Projects:

  • (F1) Crippy x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • (BX) Cherry Pie (Cherry Pie x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • (F1) Sunset Sherbet x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • (F1) Lemonade / Lemon Diesel x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
(Urkle) x (F1 x Durban Poison)) = Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is a Bay Area strain created by Jigga and PieGuy

Why Is It Called Cherry Pie?

Named for its sweet cherry aroma, Cherry Pie is a connoisseur's favorite. High flavor and potent cut while still being a decent yielding plant of dark purple and lime green flowers.

Cherry Pie

Organically grown Cherry Pie

Quick Facts

Hours of Relief: 2.5+ hours
Effects: Moderate strength, Indica
Good For: Anxiety, relaxation, depression
Flower Characteristics: Cherry pie aroma, cherry fuel taste
Plant Characteristics: Medium internode spacing, greasy, beautiful color, prone to mold in high humidity, can herm when stressed but pollen is sterile, moderately yielding
Best For: Indoor
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

808 Creations

  • Pie Cake F2 (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2) x (Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake x Crippy BX2)
  • Cherry Cupcake (Cherry Pie Bx)
  • Cherry Chiffon (Cherry Pie x Kauai Mints #77)
  • Kauai Pie [Cherry Pie x Kauai OG (Crippy x Crippy x Crippy x Kauai Electrics)]