Kauai Electrics


Kauai Electrics was bred on the North Shore of Kauai and grown exclusively by one grower called "Jonesy." It's a fast flowering strain with an amazing sativa head rush. A terpine profile of lemon-lime Sprite with that old-school skunk back end, and tropical hints of guava and passionfruit.

It was only grown along Powerline Trail, directly above my childhood home, until the early 90s. After hurricane Iniki the breeder passed a few cuts of this legend to some local growers, my dad being one of them, as "Jonesy's" house was destroyed and he ended up moving to Maui for a short period of time.

Genetic Make Up

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Why is it Called Kauai Electrics?

It was grown under the Kauai Electric company powerlines, and with its electrical-type effect, it was the perfect name.