Animal Cut - Girl Scout Cookie

Genetic Make Up

(OG Kush (Florida Cut) x (F1 x Durban Poison)) = Girl Scout Cookie

There has been so much speculation to what the genetic make up of GSC actually is. Based on comments made by Jigga, the creator of GSC, in a High Times article called "Inside Girl Scout Cookies," he refers to the F1 as their secret sauce and it having a pissy funk to the flower. This leads me to believe that the F1 = Cat Piss and is probably the reason for GSC mentholated funk and frosty resin rails. Now this is just a guess at what F1 truly is and only the cookie fam will probably ever know for sure.

Note: Aniaml Cut GSC is from the CookieFam but was called Platinum Cookies

Why is it Called the Animal Cut of GSC?

Animal Cut Girl Scout Cookie is actually Cookie Fam's Platinum Cookies. It was originally given by the Fam to Floe1 aka @str8flame. What makes this cookie cut special is it is the only one Jigga and the CookieFam have recognized as their own creation and not a bag seed. While they insist its not "thin mint". Animal was a rare bear in the bay for along time. Before Str8Flame was kind enough to share cuts of it at the SF high times cup.