Why Are Some Strains So Hard to Acquire?

3 Concepts of a Medical Marijuana Grower That Only Wants the Best

Are the Genetics worth preserving in the connoisseurs garden? Could this be used to make a better strain? Should I hoard it or whore it?

Many growers lose friends and create major divides in the cannabis community over genetics and what is considered "hoarding a cut." Most people don"t understand that you have little to no bartering power with a cut that has been passed around, whereas a prized, tightly held cut can bring you just about any cut you want to trade for. Then you have to look at stipulations with a cut that has been shared with you (more than likely, if the cut is any good, there will be a stipulation) and whether you can share it or breed with it. I am old-school and would never consider breaking the growers code. Yes, there is a major divide in the MMJ community and growers circles about whether you should share a cut or not, but most people really don't understand the blood, sweat, and tears that go into keeping a cut alive for decades, let alone the work and money it takes to find "the one." I am sure this won't end the debate, but just wanted to paint a picture for people who may not understand this concept. This is why many elite cuts are never available and all the more reason why breeding and creating new amazing strains is the only real answer. I know it takes more time and effort but if you truly have a passion for the plant you will take the challenge to find "the one".


I firmly believe that preserving cannabis genetics is the most important role that breeders and growers attribute to the medical marijuana community. When you make crosses that put the genetics into seed yes they are not the pure original but the DNA line is being preserved in seeds for future gardens. Preserving a clone is not simply just keeping it alive. Now days with so many cuts being passed with all sorts of diseases and new dangerous combative sprays being used getting a new cut could be the beginning of the end if you don't take extra precautions. My goal in preserving clone only genetics is to keep them complelty clean so that any future breeding project will be with clean clones from verified mothers.


If you are looking for promises of huge yields and short flowering times I will promise none of that. If you are looking for some of the most potent specimens on Earth hand selected by someone who will not breed with any genetics they wouldn't personally recommend you have come to the right place. When it comes to breeding, my #1 priority has always been to keep my friends who were kind enough to gift me the cut happy. Understanding that they were risking their freedom to keep these cannabis genetics alive is a concept many younger people just won't understand. You may see some genetics in my stable that you never see me breed with and that is because I was asked not to. Many prime specimens of cannabis are only around today because people who believed in the healing powers of cannabis chose to preserve the genetics. I firmly believe in giving credit to the creator of any strain I choose to breed with and would never consider pollinating something without permission. I'm sure many people know just how shady the Cannabis Community can be with all the back-stabbing and storytelling. I like to "Keep-it Kauai-it"" to many snakes looking to cash in on others genetics.


I feel this is a topic that many breeders have stayed away from because they choose to never let a prized cuts out in fear of competition I feel breeding should be done to preserve, and plan to break the mold. If you are truly as passionate about MMJ, as I am, you will be pleased to know I will be offering breeder "Playa" packs. You get 50 seeds along with the original mother clone. You may say I am crazy, but please understand this is in hopes that males from these breeder packs will be used on the original clone to create and advance genetics, and preserve the genetics for future generations to enjoy.