Helping Medical Marijuana Patients of Hawaii

Currently in the State of Hawaii 2015 we have no dispensaries and no access to clones or seeds. You either have a friend who you can get some seeds from, our a clone if your lucky. I wish to change that I want to allow any 808 Genetics Members who are located in the state of Hawaii and meet the following requirements:

  • 18+ years of age
  • Current Medial Marijuana Card (Blue Card)
  • Live in Hawaii
Must Provide Proof via Email

Will have access to proven clones:

  • Murple (Gage Green Genetics)
  • Grape Puff (Gage Green Genetics)
  • Blue Dream Santa Cruz Mountain Cut
  • Blue Sapphire Girl Scout Cookies Cut
  • White Fire OG (OGRaskal Seeds)
  • Larry OG (Cali Connection Seeds)
  • ACDC Cut (High CBD)
List Can Change. Available to 808 Genetics Members Only (Clones are only Available by Pre-Order Via Email)

808 Genetics Seeds Produced in Hawaii

All our seeds are produced in the state of Hawaii so no need to worry about seeds being confiscated by customs. We have real life experience growing outdoors in Hawaii so can recommend the proper genetics to grow for you skill set and micro-climate. Seeds do not require membership to order.

Improve the Genetics in your Garden Today! Next Day Delivery Available

If you have any questions in regards to clone prices or wait time, contact us at